Monday, October 24, 2011


I've decided I miss being able to be with my sisters all the time. I wish I had realized how lucky I was when we were all under the same roof growing up. But, as little ones do, we don't realize and argue over stupid things (especially if your name was Karly & Kaycie. :) I was able to spend time with my sisters over the weekend while we were all in California for the 2nd reception. It was so nice to relax, talk, and laugh with them. I have a feeling heaven is going to be glorious because there will be no such thing as long distance. And that my friends, is worth being good for. :)

Along with my own sisters, I am so grateful for my new sister-in-law, Brittany. She is the best new sister I could have ever asked for and she fits right in with all of us. Well...she may need to change her name to Krittany. Is that alright, Britt? :)

I love all y'all! Thanks for being my friends. :)


brittanyc said...

Awe, well this was sweet!!! I love having you as a sister, too! It was so much fun having you and Alex over for dinner amongst all of our craziness! Not so much feeling the Krittany, could take some getting used to :) And I can't BELIEVE I am on your blog in a bathing suit...thighs showing and all! Love you, Kaycie!