Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

Alex got a B on his latest sculpture, a 70 on his art history exam, an 80 on his color theory exam, and a 90 on his other exam...Fiction. He got an A- on his sculpture, an 83 on his art history exam, a 92 on his color theory exam, and a 97 on his other exam that I can't remember the name of the class!! YAY husband!

I got the assistant supervisor position at work...Fact! I am SO beyond excited!

I made garlic shrimp last night...Fact! Shrimp was on sale over a month ago and we finally ate it. It was seriously delicious! I don't even care that my apartment smells like the ocean.

It's now super cold and I'm liking seeing the snow in the mountains...Fiction. I hate it. I do, however, love the fact that it means Christmas is around the corner!

My husband put his ice cream in the microwave (which is above our freezer) instead of in the freezer after he was done eating it so it was in there all night until he discovered it the next morning and he's now all upset since the carton wasn't even half gone...Fact. And oh how I had a good laugh! (he's going to kill me for putting that on here as he is very embarrassed he did such a thing.)

I don't like the Hunger Games craze...Fiction! I freakin LOVE the Hunger Games and want to read them all over again! I canNOT wait until March when the movie comes out!

My husband is the best husband in the whole wide world, the most good looking man in the whole wide world, the sweetest guy in the whole wide world, and I love him so much. I think I may be obsessed with him...the biggest FACT there ever was.

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!