Monday, November 7, 2011

A lazy day.

So I was not feeling too hot from Thursday to Sunday.
I was having some serious stomach issues.
I'm not sure what it was (I think it may have been something I ate) but let's just say my tummy was a'rumblin for 4 days and it was close to unbearable to deal with.
I was not the most fun to be around since all I could do was hang around on the couch.
Thankfully my husband is so sweet and just stayed by me unless he had school or work.

One day we watched "Friends" for 7 hours straight.
It was awesome.
The laughter felt good for my body and soul.
Are we ashamed we watched for that long?
Nope. Not one bit.


Lori said...

nah no reason to feel guilty! I love when daddy and i do that. just love being with him and enjoying being quiet and lazy together! Hope you feel better! Love you!

Glenna Bartlett said...

YES! I'm pretty sure I haven't come across someone who ISN'T a fan of Friends. They are pretty dang fabulous :)