Monday, November 14, 2011

NBD. (no big deal...[for those that aren't aware of nbd.])

Just thought I'd share a pretty cool experience that we, the Fosters, had last week.

It was our Stake Conference weekend so our Stake Presidency decided to also have an extra meeting the Wednesday evening before at the chapel in the Salt Lake Temple.
We weren't sure if our schedules were going to be able to make it, but we were able to attend...and boy am I glad!

We knew a sealer was going to be talking with us. It was going to be a little more in depth in talking about our marriage sealings since we were inside the temple. We were just excited to go, so we got ready and headed on downtown. We saw some familiar faces from our ward when we entered the chapel and then picked a pew about 10 rows back. The chapel was gorgeous, of course, and it just felt great being in there.

The meeting began and then the man conducting announced who was speaking. He said that the sealer who would be talking was Brother Dalton. Alright. Then from the pulpit he asked if his wife, Sister Dalton, would bear her testimony at the conclusion of her husband's talk. I assume said lady nodded because he kept on going announcing the layout of the meeting. Alex and I looked at each other and we were like, "Wait...Dalton. Do you think he means Elaine S. Dalton? No. Couldn't be. Well maybe...?" We just stayed in suspense.

Well Brother Dalton gave an amazing talk on the temple and temple marriages. He was a sweet, sweet man. Then sure enough...up walks Sister Dalton. THE Sister Dalton. Her testimony was obviously amazing. She was so sincere and it was so lovely witnessing it happen.

I, of course, wanted to meet her after the meeting. Much to our convenience, our Bishop's wife was sitting next to her. That made it highly easy to waltz on over there. We said hello to Bishop's wife and then said hello to her. She was so sweet and shook our hands. We spoke with her for a few minutes and then just randomly she kinda stood back and stared back and forth at Alex and myself a few times. Then she said (no joke), "Wow! You two, as a couple, really stand out! I just know and feel that you have an amazing future ahead of you and will do a lot of good!"

NBD. Just THE Sister Dalton felt the need to tell us we stood out and that our future is looking bright. It was seriously incredible. She said it so sincere and with such power. I about died. We were definitely on cloud 9 the rest of the evening and are so grateful we were able to have such an experience!


Krista said...

what a cool thing babe! so happy you were able to attend the meeting. and she's right, you know. :)

Brooke Elyse said...

what an amazing experience!!
Y'all already have done so much good, she's right- y'all will continue to bless lives and be "powerhouses." I mean, I can't even imagine how many kids from EFY y'alls lives have touched. keep up the good work ;)


P.S- "mormon celebrities" are the best haha My RS adviser here at BYU is Sis. Dalton's big sis!!

brittanyc said...

Okay, I kind of feel like I should know who she is and that I should be embarrassed that I don't. But I don't. Feel me in!