Thursday, March 27, 2014

Words at Cars Land.

Yesterday my little family headed down to Disneyland with some of our friends.
(Ok...kind of our only friends here in SB. :)
(Thanks, Matt & Glenna, for being our friends.)
Obviously Disney was so much fun.
Rides were ridden, characters were seen, pictures were taken, feet were used (a lot), and conversations were said.
And honestly, my favorite words said was by Matt towards the end of the day.

"You guys make us want to be parents."
(Or something like that...)

I felt so honored.
Having a baby can be so dang hard.
It's messy, time consuming, sleep deprivating, and down right kills your back if you have a chunker like our little cub.
BUT it's so rewarding.
I get to watch Kameron learn.
I get to see him use his body more and more every day and see how awesome he thinks that is.
I get to feel how much LOVE he has for me.
I get to enjoy so many little moments every day.
And that overshadows all the lost sleep, smelly diapers, and not running around doing what I want to do when I want to do it.

And I was SO happy that Matt & Glenna could see down to the core how truly amazing it is to have a little person.
There are so many things that the adversary is throwing out there to try and deter couples from getting married and having children.
So if Alex and I can in any way fight against that...well then I feel triumphant.