Wednesday, March 5, 2014

7 months old!

Well here we are again.
Another month come and gone!

Let's see...what has happened since 6 months?
Kameron has totally mastered sitting up!
He knows how to catch himself if he starts to topple which has resulted in less tumbles. :)

We are almost full on crawling!
He has the art of the army crawl down.
Gone are the days of being able to leave him somewhere for a few minutes.
He knows how to get across the room and grabs at anything he can!

He's not much of a solids eater.
The only foods he loves are yogurt and apples...and the newly discovered pears.
I think he hates mushy food...which unfortunately is the majority that he can have right now with no teeth and not knowing how to chew.
So we're thinking once he can have more finger foods he'll be a happy boy.

At swimming lessons we have done submersions!
The first time was a little nerve wracking, but he went under like a champ.
Now he totally anticipates going under by scrunching up his face and closing his eyes.
It's hilarious.

We've definitely entered the phase of tantrums.
If he doesn't like what's going on or if I have to take something away from him (cause y''s electric cords...that are plugged in...or something like that...) then he arches his back, throws his head back, and has a hissy fit.
Good times.

^^ I mean c'mon.
You've never seen a cuter Valentine.

He likes to sit in the pews at church now.
It's pretty heartwarming how he just sits in between Alex and me playing with toys...or his toes...whichever.

He's starting to sit in his stroller without being in his car seat all the time now.
He loves seeing what's going on!

He's also started sitting in carts like a big boy.
It's SO much easier being able to shop without having to worry about a car seat or stroller!

He's starting to recognize places, which is kind of fun!
The other day when we walked on to the pool deck he started laughing and flapping his arms.
It was so great!

If you can't tell from the picture above...he's not missing any meals.

And I'm proud to say he loves the beach!
My friend, Leah, was in town and we took our kiddos to the beach.
Every time he's gone before he's either been asleep in the car seat or in our baby carrier.
This was the first time he was sitting in the sand.
He had a grand 'ole time!
Fistfuls of sand to the mouth happened over and over, but he has so happy I just didn't care.
He literally played in the sand for 45 minutes with zero complaints.
I'm pretty sure he would've stayed another 45 minutes.

Well that's an update on our sweet boy.
Happy 7 months, cub.
We love you!