Monday, March 31, 2014

8 months old.

I love that when I think "Kam is 8 months" it doesn't really freak me out.
But when I think "Kam is 4 months away from 1 year" then I freak out.
Time is funny that way.

Kam's latest sleepy time tradition is snuggling in with "Mr. Bear" as we call him.
Clever, I know.
It's SO cute how much he nuzzles in and cuddles him while he's sleeping.

We have reached the pulling up on everything phase.
And by everything...I mean everything.
He tries to climb the wall.
He can pull up on to the coffee table, entertainment center, couches, chairs, his crib, the stairs, etc.
He can do most things without even any help.
He thinks he's such a big boy though and just lets go whenever he feels like it.
That's where I come in...

This boy loves the beach.  
The smell, the sun, the sand....he likes it all. :)

Still not in to eating very much solid food.
He will eat apples, coconut yogurt, puff cereal, and most recently...graham crackers.

He's doing great with swimming lessons.
He never coughs up water anymore whenever he goes under.
He even anticipates it and closes his eyes right before.
The other day he just plopped his face down in by himself.
He thought it was pretty awesome.  Haha

He finally started crawling on all 4s!
He still does army man some, but he's getting the hang of actual crawling.
It's pretty exciting.
It doesn't bring about any new trouble since he was already getting everywhere, so it's just more excitement that he's doing it!

He had to go into the pediatric office about 2 weeks ago and they weighed him just for fun.  
He topped in at 21 lbs 9 oz.
He's also pretty much out of his 9 month clothing...
Love my little tank!

He sleeps on his knees a lot now too.
It's awesome.

We've been to Disney twice recently.
He's so much fun to go with!
He loves everything about Disney!  The characters, the rides, the parade, the atmosphere...he likes it all!
Which makes me SO happy!

^ On the Winnie the Pooh ride.

I'm pretty sure bath time is his favorite time of day.
He splashes, plays with his toys, gnaws on the washcloth, and loves that Alex and I are both there.
And I mean really...rolls never looked so cute!! ^^

He FINALLY has a tooth coming in!
The bottom left center has cut through.
He's been having teething days since December so this tooth is a welcome guest!

His hair has also started to come in thicker!
He just had little fuzz for so long!
It's fun to see more hair on his head.

He LOVES riding in the cart when we have to go shopping.
Of course everyone Oohs and Aahs at him since he's so dang cute.
He thinks it's cool he's up all high and can see what everyone's doing.

I can't think of anything else that's "new."
Our biggest accomplishments in the last month are crawling and finally cutting a tooth!
He's still the happiest, most fun baby to be around.
Sometimes I seriously can't believe he's mine.
And as you can see below...he's quite handsome. :)
Happy 8 months, Kameron!