Saturday, March 22, 2014

Whose Are You?

The other night I was nursing and rocking Kameron for bedtime.
Well...I should rephrase that.
I was TRYING to nurse and rock him.
He was wiggling all over.
He was distracted by anything.
And he was doing this little number: whine because I'm hungry, latch on, let go, act like it's mom's fault.  (Repeat 54 times.)
He just wasn't settling into our routine.
After about 5 minutes of him doing this I decided to just cradle him really close and tight and sing quietly into his ear.

I Am A Child of God
And He has sent me here.
Has given me an Earthly home,
With parents kind & dear.
Lead me, guide me;
Walk beside me, help me find the way.
Teach me all that I must do,
To live with Him someday.

He instantly stopped wiggling and just watched me sing.
Pretty soon he was off to dreamland.
I felt so blessed in that moment to teach my son whose he is, where he came from, who he came to, and why he is here.
Some may say, "Oh he's just a baby.  He doesn't know what you're singing."
But I say poo to them.
Kameron knew.
He might not be able to tell me, but he knew.
He felt peace.
He felt security.
And he felt love from the words I was singing.

I hope those reading this can feel that too.
There's a lot of power knowing you are a son/daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.
I know it gives me strength to do things I never thought possible.
I hope my little cub never forgets that he is a child of God.

This video is slightly cheesy, but I still love it.
I love that it shows no matter your ethnicity, age, or social are still a child of God.


krista said...

oh that buhbuh. love him. love you.