Monday, June 6, 2011

4 Truths & A Lie

Truth: I had to say goodbye to my best friend/fiance this morning as he dropped me off at the SLC airport curb. It was sad. He had trouble letting me go. (literally. He would not let me out of his arms.) When I saw a Quiznos in the airport (Alex's fav sandwich place) I teared up because I already missed him so. Pathetic? Perhaps. Do I care that it was perhapsly (is that a word?) pathetic? NOPE.

Truth: I just paid far too much for my lunch. Dang you, airports and your ridiculous rates!

Truth: I am grateful airports are now getting with the program and offering free WiFi.

Truth: I am SOOOO excited to be in the South for the next 2 months!!!

Lie: I won $1,000 for doing a Wal-Mart survey.
But gosh darn it...I wish I did! I keep doing those dang surveys in hopes I will one day be the winner! Every time a receipt of mine says a survey and you perchance could be a winner of a gift card, money, etc I do it! Target, Wal-Mart, Panda Express, IHOP, name it. I'm a sucker and I do it. I'm hoping my efforts are not in vain and I will one day be the winner!

Ta Ta for now...they're about to board my plane from Denver to Atlanta.
I'm flying Frontier. I REALLY hope I get the bear or the dolphin on the tail of my plane for this flight.
From SLC to Denver I had the parrot.
His name was Carmen.


Aimee said...

i got lucky because nate and i were never separated while engaged. but it is so hard being apart now that we're married... we've only been apart for a couple days at a time, and its absolutely miserable.

good luck with the next few weeks. hope you dont get too sad missing him.... just keep yourself busy as much as you can.

Glenna (OFFICIALLY) Bartlett said...

Kaycie! I've actually won one of those surveys for Walmart before and let me tell you...after hearing all the hassle I had to do to actually get the not worth it. I ended up telling them to just keep it. Haha. So you are not missing out.