Sunday, June 12, 2011

New to the Haven, what?

So it's no secret that I love this place called New Haven.
No secret at all.
Cause I do.
I really really do.

This job literally changed my life.
Ok, maybe not my LIFE because I'm still the same person.
But it has changed the way I look at obstacles in my life, the way I look at relationships in my life, and how I view teenage girls.
I am more understanding of other's circumstances.
I am more loving in my relationships and I am better able to see when people are struggling.
I am in no means a therapist or an expert, but after working there I have learned so much about the human brain, meaning in your life, relationships, and what makes you do the things you do.
I don't even know if any of that made sense.

It's really hard to explain exactly what you do when you work at New Haven.
It's easy to say you're a therapist.
It's easy to say you're a teacher at the school.
It's easy to say you're the cook or the HR director.
But to say you're a "Health Care Assistant" (or just get called "staff") is a whole 'nother story.
Cause yeah...we take them to the movies, we eat with them, we make sure they do their homework, we go on hikes with them, we go out on the swings with them, we pluck their eyebrows, we rub their heads, etc.
However, it's much more than that.
We are responsible for their safety physically, emotionally, mentally, and physiologically.
We're their therapeutic friend / mentor basically.
If they're in their room isolating, get them out.
If they're on their way to running down the street, stop them.
If they're crying after a bad therapy session, sit with them and let them cry in your lap.
If they wont eat their food, drop them to safety. (5 feet from staff at all times)
If they're being belligerent and rude, find out what's REALLY going on and talk them through it.
If they're having a power struggle with you, break down those barriers.
If they want to self harm, help them understand the necessity of self respect.
All that and much much more.
And really...I can't explain it.
You just have to work there.

When I told the girls I was leaving New Haven I thought I was going to get bombarded with the drama queens bawling hysterically and the rest ignoring me because they were angry.
But instead, I got so much understanding and excitement for the events going on in my life.
They had so much maturity.
Sure, there were some definite tears, but my little girls were so great.
My last 2 weeks was full of hugs, conversations, quality time, some of the best compliments I've ever received, and love.
This is what they did for me on my last day...made me a cake.
This is only half the girls cause the other half were off with their parents for graduation weekend.
Aren't they so adorable!?

They're so dang cute and I can't even describe the amount of love I have for them.
Then we took them to a talent show in Springville.
I seriously had the GREATEST co-workers in the world!
Mari is in the middle and she is only one of the best people I know!
I miiiisss her!

Well...I could seriously go on and on and on about how much I love New Haven.
I get easily attached any way, but especially while I was working at the treatment center.
I saw so many of these girls come in scared, angry, hurt, lonely, confused, and literally hating themselves.
Through the process of their treatment I saw them become happy, loving, understanding, accepting, mature, and courageous.
It's the most amazing thing to witness and so rewarding!
I knew I needed to leave for the summer to work and get married so I have no regrets, but I do miss those babies a TON!
I cried on Tuesday since I was not there with them.
I have a bunch of letters to write because I promised quite a few of them that I would write soon!

On the up side...our HR lady called me and said they were so sad I had to leave and that they wanted me to apply at the other campus (which is closer to SLC) when I come back after the wedding. She just said that they did not want to lose a good employee and that they really want me to consider coming back. I was SOOOO happy to hear that so I probably will!

Well anyways...I've gone on enough...if you've even read this far!


Alexis Kaye said...

wow this sounds like an incredible job, and it sounds like you really made a difference in their lives. You're amazing. and I'm so excited for you to get married1 It's the bomb! I just got married 4 weeks ago :)