Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Auntie Kaycie.

So I have a confession.
I am slightly obsessed with this baby...

...but how could you NOT be?!
She is SO stinkin cute!
I remember thinking my friends that had nieces/nephews were a tad ridiculous, but I just didn't understand. I TOTALLY get it now.
Instead of exercising or going to the beach, I played with her all morning, again after her morning nap, again after her afternoon nap, and then again before bath time and bed.
She is the most entertaining little bundle.
She is seriously the funniest baby...she cracks me up.
I guess my exercise was my abs working so much from her being so dang funny.
Oh, I love my happy Laela Carolina.
Tomorrow I shall try to be more productive, but it is going to be hard as this little one pulls on my heart strings so.

In other news...
I did NOT get the bear or the dolphin on my flight from Denver to Atlanta.
I got Freedom, the eagle.
One day I will get the animals I long for!


Brooke Elyse said...

i love her name! It flows so well.
and what's the story with the animals? i'm confused...