Thursday, November 20, 2014

Phoenix, AZ Temple

We moved to the west side of Phoenix at an exciting time.
An LDS temple was almost completed and preparations were being made for it's open house, celebration, and dedication.
It was really fun to move in and all of the sudden be in the midst of the excitement going around for the LDS members.

The open house (a time when anyone from the public can go inside) started the second week of October and ran until November 1st.
They needed LOTS of volunteers to help since thousands of people were coming to see the temple!
Alex and I were only able to go help out once since it's a little tricky getting someone to watch your toddler for 6 hours, but I'm so thankful we did go that one time!
We signed up to put the plastic shoe coverings on everyone coming up to the temple.
This protects the floor/carpet from getting dirty and scuffed from alllll of those people coming through!

I have no clue how many times I put one of those plastic booties on a foot...but I know it was A LOT.
We volunteered on a friday night, which is a really busy time.
I loved watching the people walk up (non-LDS and LDS), full of curiosity about what they were about to see.

Once the last group of the evening went through, Alex and I were able to go inside.
To say it's beautiful is an understatement.
Everything, inside and out, is perfect.

Then the next weekend we had some friends in town!
So we made another trip to go through and this time brought Kameron.
I was so excited to take him inside and have him feel the spirit that fills the walls.

Paintings and pictures are used for decorations in temples.
The majority of those pictures have Jesus Christ in them.
Anytime Kam saw Jesus, he would point at him.
Even when there were multiple men in the picture, Kam would point RIGHT to Jesus.
It was amazing and gave me chills every time.

 I am so grateful that because of a temple in South Carolina, I am sealed to these boys forever.
I can't imagine it any other way.
I am also grateful that we now have a temple 25 minutes away so I can go with Alex, get away from the noises of the world, and reflect on the eternal perspective.

I love my friends. :)
I wish we could always be together.

The kid loves his Jesus. :)

The temple was dedicated just this last sunday.
President Monson, our present prophet, came down to offer up a dedicatory prayer.
It is complete.

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