Thursday, November 6, 2014

What I Do.

Wow, it's been awhile.
A long while.
I've been busy.
For me...busy is good.
It makes me tired and happy.

We've really started to settle in down here.
I can actually (and honestly) say I like it here.
Sure there are things I miss about South Carolina, Utah, and California...but I'm happy.
Which means we're happy.
Because we alllll know, if mama ain't happy....ain't nobody happy! ;)
We've found our groove, we've made friends, our place is put together, and it's no longer 110 degrees...all good things. (Anyone else hear Olaf in your head?  "All good things, all good things!")

Some of you have asked what I "do."
So I've decided to break it down a bit of how I spend my time and the few "hats" I wear.
I won't lie...
Finding out who I am and want to be was really hard after having Kameron, and then especially moving to California and no longer working at New Haven.
New Haven had been the reason I woke up every day.
Helping those girls and their families heal was amazing.
It was gratifying, rewarding, hard, and humbling.
I felt good about my career.
It felt good to know what I did made a difference in the world.
It felt good to build relationships and watch them flourish.
It felt good to be needed and wanted.
So moving to California and not having a job was a challenge.
Obviously my baby needed me.
But he needed me in a different way.
So I decided that when I would get the chance, I would find ways to make money that "made a difference."
So...with no further is what I "do."

1. Wife & Mother.
Alex and Kam are my #1 priorities.
I can't imagine life without them.
Most of my time and energy goes in to making sure our house is an uplifting place to be,
Even though it's impossible to keep order when a toddler wants to create disorder, I want my home to be a place where there's joy and peace.
Creating that joy and peace comes from meal planning, cleaning, grocery shopping, cleaning, budgeting, cleaning, laundry, cleaning, making the meals, and did I mention cleaning? ;)
As gross as that all sounds, it also comes with lots of kisses, hugs, snuggles (from both my boys), and the gratification of a husband going back for seconds. 
(I know it's REALLY good when he doesn't add hot sauce.)
I love being a wife.
I love being a mother.
I'm blessed and so so grateful.

2. Book Consultant
I love books.
Always have.
I love children's books.
Possibly more than books written for my age.
When Kameron was about 10 months, we got him his first Usborne book: That's Not My Dinosaur.
It quickly became his favorite book.
He would look at it for every car trip and grab our hands to show us the touchy feelys on the pages.
He had always liked books, but there was something special about THAT book.
I didn't really think much of it though with our impending move to Arizona.
When we officially moved and Alex's paychecks started coming in, we realized pretty quickly that we would survive off of his income...but after taxes and insurance...there was nothing for the extras like a date night or new shoes for Kameron.
So I started praying about something I could do and instantly my friend, Coralie, popped in my head.
I've known Coralie since I was 12.
We hadn't talked in a long time though!
Sure there was the occasional "like" or "comment" on FB or Instagram...but that was it.
So at first I was confused as to why she would pop in my head.
Then I remembered that she was a consultant for Usborne Books.
That's Not My Dinosaur is an Usborne book.
I needed to know more.
So I messaged her up and asked about the business.
A few messages and a phone call later, I was signed up!
I was probably her easiest recruit ever!
I've been doing it for about 2 months now and it's been so great!
I do house parties, FB parties, and booths.
It's already built up our library, paid for 2 car payments and groceries, and I feel good about what I'm doing.
I love how I feel helping people find the best books for their specific kids and needs.
I'm also so grateful I get to do this while I'm home with Kameron.

3. Zumba instructor
Everyone knows I'm a dancer.
And a dance teacher.
I taught at BYU and I taught at 3 different dance studios in Salt Lake.
But Zumba is much different than teaching hip hop to college students or kids.
I got my Zumba license in July, hoping that it could help give me an "edge" over other dance teachers.
I'm no longer teaching kids in a studio (for now), but I'm teaching adults at LA Fitness.
I have 4 classes a week! (Which is seriously exhausting.  There's no slacking as the teacher and all eyes are on you!)
It's been so fun!
I love seeing women (and a few men ;) with varying stories come in for 50 minutes of stress free, dance party time.
I love seeing some people start off in the back, but by the 3rd class have made their way to the front.
I love my regulars that I get to see and know.
I love having people say, "That was so fun!"
Once again, I feel good about what I'm doing.
Health and fitness are another passion of mine so I love knowing I'm helping people strengthen that area of their lives.

Halloween morning Zumba class!

Well there you have it, folks...
That is what I do.
It's not everyone's cup of tea...but it's mine.
And when you get a smoochable Kameron on top of that cup...well it makes it all the better.


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