Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014!

Well I guess I better document Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here!
(which is TWO weeks away....I'm so excited!!)

Alright...well all of us Arizona peeps packed up and headed to sunny California the day before Thankgiving!
It was us, the Calls (my SIL's fam), and the Barksdales (my sister's fam).
We took some of the Call kids in our car to ease up their load AND to help keep Kameron entertained back there.  It worked like a dream!  Easiest road trip yet.
(Britt, can we always borrow some of your children when we travel?)

 Heading west on the 10.  Photobombed by Abram.

After a pit stop in Indio to stretch and eat some nutritious Taco Bell, we made it to Santa Barbara in the late evening.
After getting Kameron tucked in, I made 2 of my great grandma Vic's pecan pies!

 Mmm, mmm, good! (the only pie I like...)

The next morning greeted us with sunshine and mid 70s weather!
Perfect for pre-breakfast basketball game!

 I love this picture of Caleb muggin' on Kam. :)

Then of course the post breakfast Turkey Bowl!
I really miss my in laws old house, but this lawn definitely is a better football field! :)

 Apparently Chris was really excited his team scored...ha.

Kameron, naturally, wanted to be a part of all the action!
Sometimes he would get frustrated he couldn't do everything, but all the boys were good sports to him.  If he toddled out, they'd stop being too rough or do a time out.  They kept calling Kam "the ref."  It was pretty funny. :)

 The little man out there laying down the law.

The meal was ready around 2 so we sat down for delicious food!
We also all said what we were thankful for.
It really is nice to just have it be quiet and listen to words of gratitude.

 Kameron was napping so I actually got to eat in peace.
It was lovely.

When Kam woke up it was time for his turkey dinner!  This was his first one since last year he was still on an all liquid diet. :)

In the early evening we headed down to the beach.
It was SUCH a gorgeous night!!

 All 17 of us! (well technically 18 since Karly announced their new bundle that night. :)

 Gettin' muddy!

The next few days were nice too.
A little Black Friday shopping, leftovers, football, playing board games, dancing, and walking by the water.

As all things do, the weekend came to an end.
It was such a great Thanksgiving and I'm so grateful I was able to spend it with some members of both sides of my family.
Hope your Thanksgivings were family filled and delicious too! :)



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