Monday, July 7, 2014

You don't spank your best friend.

On our last (unexpected) evening on Hilton Head it rained.
A lot.
Like monstrous amounts of water dropped out of the clouds.
It was amazingly awesome.
I've missed a good Southern thunderstorm!
We were out at our favorite local seafood restaurant, Hudson's, when the heavens opened.
We all got soaked getting into the cars and then into the house.
Kameron laughed and thought it was quite the adventure.
We got him all dried off and down for a little nap.
I got bundled up in sweats (since my father keeps the house at like 50 degrees) and was hanging out with everyone in Krista's room.
I was swinging my niece, Laela, in the air.
(Again and again as per her request.)
Alex came by and swatted my bum.
Laela looked at him and said, "Hey!  Don't spank her!"
Alex said, "Why not?"
And that crazy, curly haired girl replied, "Because Kaycie is your best friend."
Krista and I looked at each other and all we could say was "ok...that was cute."

I just loved that a 3 year old could recognize how much Alex and I value each other and enjoy being with one another.
She saw that we have a special bond.
She saw that we are best friends.