Wednesday, July 9, 2014

11 month old Kameron!

Well...11 months has arrived.
It's so crazy to think about that just one year ago I was huge, drank Sonic Route 44 ice waters like it was my job, and sat in the kiddie pool section frequently.
And now here I am with an 11 month old baby.

He's sure a pretty cute baby. :)

Let's see...
This month Kameron has really gotten the hang of "driving." :)
He loves sitting the front seat of a car, his new car stroller, and was quite impressed with the golf cart while we were in Florida.
He just grabs the wheel, shifts it back and forth, and does this happy noise.
We all laugh every time because it's so funny.

His Grammie and Papa got him a sandbox, which has been fun.
I think right now he likes the process of getting in and out much more than actually playing in it...but whatever...
Someday he'll stay in it longer than 1 minute. :)

He pretty much will eat anything that isn't mushy.
So bananas and sweet potatoes are OUT.
His favorites are: goldfish, puffs, meat, broccoli, apples, squeezy fruits/veggies, and bread.
Oh...and Cheetos!
He had those on the 4th of July and kind of became obsessed.
I craved them my first trimester and ate...well...a lot of bags.
Just sayin...

He's starting to play and interact more, which has been fun.
He loves to play tag, peek a boo, pat a cake, and this game in his crib where he hides in the corner and laughs with delight when you tickle him.

His tantrums have hit a new level.
Not so awesome.
I seriously had no idea babies his age threw tantrums.
They should warn you.
And what's even more frustrating is that you can't reason with him.
You can just tell the poor kid is mad he can't communicate more effectively and is just upset.

He's started playing with his blocks more, which I LOVE.
He can stack 2-3 up.
He also is really great at putting the circle in the shape sorter.

This is his excited and frustrated face.
His eyes are how I can tell the difference.
He's becoming a little imitator and it definitely amuses us all!

I am proud to say: he loves the beach.
He likes the sand, he likes the sun, he likes the water...
It's awesome.
I can't wait until we can build sandcastles and play in the waves together.

He's still using his walker and cruises around from item to item.
He has started standing on his own now!
I know it's only a matter of time before those first steps come!

His favorite things to do are: read/flip through books, play in water, put phones up to his ear, climb, "drive," get tickled, go up and down stairs, and pull everything out of the cupboards/shelves/laundry basket.

I can't even believe our cub is 1 year in just 3 short weeks!
Even though he's transitioning into a toddler...he'll always be my baby.
Happy 11 months, Kam!
We love you.