Sunday, June 1, 2014

10 months old!

My little man is 10 months old!
Let's not talk about the fact that his 1st birthday is in 2 months...
Let's talk about how awesome he is.

His little personality comes out more and more every day.
If I were to describe him in just words it would be: strong-willed, curious, determined, content, happy, and sugary sweet.

He has entered the sharing phase.
Whether it's a toy or a piece of soggy's probably being shoved in my face.

His 2 bottom teeth keep a'growing and are very visible when he smiles.
His top right tooth has cut through so I'm sure pretty soon he will look like a jack-o-lantern. :)
Along with those teeth comes biting.
I think he's trying to play like when we mug our faces into him to snuggle or tickle.
But he bites. 
He made marks on my arm at church last week.
Like an animal.

This kid LOVES being outside.
If a door is open...he's trying to make a getaway as fast as he can!
I'm so glad though.
It's been fun taking him to the beach, out on walks, to the park, out on a boat, on hikes, etc.
He's so content and loves the warm sun.

We finally found a baby swing!
He hated his little swing as a tiny baby and we gave up trying once he hit about 4 months.
So he hasn't been in any sort of swing since because we figured he would hate it.
But we decided to try a playground swing now that he's older.
And I'm SO glad we did.
It was one of my favorite moments in his life.
He instantly loved it and could not stop laughing!
He was so so happy!

He claps all the time and likes playing pat-a-cake.
He's also started waving "hi."  It's not every time, but he's getting the hang of it.
It's exhausting making sure he's safe.
He's definitely "cruising" too.  He loves to toddle around to different items in the room.
I can't believe the next milestone is walking!  AH!

There is another baby just his age at church.
She's just a teensy thing and seriously looks half his size when they're playing.
She steals his food and toys and even tried riding him last week. 
Already getting worked over my a girl...:)
It's fun watching them learn social skills together.

He is into books and loves pulling alllll the books off the shelves.
He thinks it's SO cool to turn the pages in his board books while we are reading.

He's also very into opening and closing doors.
He loves when I sit in the hall and he's in the bedroom.
I keep the door cracked.  Then I see his little fingers wrap around and pull.
As soon as he sees me he laughs and then pushes it shut.

He's figured out straw drinking and loves his sippy cup.
He pretty much eats whatever we're eating.
He's tried out fish and steak and loved them both. :)
His favorite snacks are goldfish, yogurt bites, cheese, and cereal puffs.

I feel like his brain has really started making connections this last month.
All of the sudden he knows how to really play with his toys.
I never thought I'd get so thrilled with him figuring things out...but I do.
It's amazing watching the lightbulb turn on.

These previous few and the next few are from our trip to Catalina Island.
He's such a trooper and just the best little travel bug.
He brings joy to everyone that sees him.
One guy even told us (at the memorial where the pic above was taken) thank you for bringing him with us because Kam was just what he needed to see that day.  It felt so good to know the he doesn't only bring happiness to us and his family members...but to complete strangers as well.

On his 10 month day we took him down to LA with us for Stake Temple Day.
Hank and Ann graciously watched him while Alex and I went in.
It felt amazing being there!  It had been WAY too long since we'd gone.
Before we went in we stopped in the Visitors Center there on the temple grounds.
Alex was holding Kam when we walked into the room (pictured above) where the Cristus statue is.
When Kam sees someone he knows he starts bouncing and saying "mmm, mmm, mmm."
When he saw the Cristus he started doing that in Alex's arms and then kept doing it when he stood there looking up at him.
I got the overwhelming feeling that Kameron knew exactly who that was.
Heaven felt near.

Happy 10 months, little cub.
We love you so much!