Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weaning...it can be happy!

Welp...it happened.
My baby weaned himself.
And not in the way that lots of babies do...you know with just refusing to latch on or preferring sippy cups.
No...in the way that he's a wild animal and wouldn't stop biting me!
But for real.
I tried a couple of the "tried and true" methods to get him to stop.
But it got to the point where I literally dreaded feeding him because I knew it was only a matter of seconds before he would chow down.
His teeth may be small..but they're like puppy teeth: sharp.
So in order to preserve "the girls" for his future siblings...I decided to call it quits.

And it was hard.
I was never one that LOVED nursing.
I liked it enough to keep doing it.
And I did enjoy the one on one time it provided us.
But what I did love was knowing how incredible my body was.
My body was sustaining another life.
And that's amazing.
But for some reason it was still so hard for me to realize it was over.
After thinking about it I realized my sadness was twofold...

1) I was scared of what my family/friends/world would think of me.
I was scared that people would think I hadn't tried hard enough to get him to stop biting.  Or that I was "being selfish" by not giving him the best nutrition.

And 2) (the one I was most fearful of) I was worried that the bond with Kameron would go away.
For 9 months I carried him.  And he was quite literally attached to me.
Then for another 9 months I've still carried him a lot...haha.  And when he was hungry, he was attached.
What if that closeness would be gone?

So now the sadness solving: 
1) Who cares.  We spend too much of our time worrying/comparing.  People can think what they want.  I'm still a good mom.
2) In the 2 weeks or so since he's been weaned I can assure you the closeness is not gone.  In fact it may have gone up.  

Since my friend, Glenna, is amazing...she threw me a "weaning party!!"
She knew it was going to be a hard transition for me emotionally so she decided to turn it into a celebration!  Instead of focusing on the fact that I didn't make it to a year (my initial goal), let's celebrate the fact that I made it 9 months!

The party kicked off with Kameron needing a nap. :)
So we headed on up to Glenna & Matt's guest bedroom and conked out.

Whilst we were napping, Glenna created this delicious concoction.
(Yep...you're really seeing what you're seeing.)

After eating that delicious booby cake/brownie, we had an intense round of "pin the booby on the baby."
I landed mine on his nose, Glenna landed hers on his shoulder, Matt's on his tummy, and Alex?  Well...he's that other one. :)

At this point Kam started to get tired so Alex and I headed home to put him down.
Once we was asleep we went back over and ended the night watching "Look Who's Talking."

It was such a great evening!
It really helped me feel like "I dun good."

On to the next phase...