Monday, May 5, 2014

Farewell, Milly girl!

 So funny story.
The gardner bought our Honda Civic!
We weren't really in the market to sell it...or so we thought.
We had been contemplating it slightly, but only because it's SO hard with Kameron in the tiny back seat.
It was hard when he was a newborn, but even more so now that's he huge.
The Civic was not made to cart children around.  Or anyone around.
I'm not sure why they even put a backseat in them since it's so tiny.  HA!

She was perfect for the time I bought her.
My 4Runner had gotten reamed by an F-350 in a snowstorm.
(Let's not talk about it.  I still cry when I think too much about Neil.  I will forever thank my daddy for letting me get that car.  If you want to read my farewell address to here. *sniff.tear*)
So once Neil was totaled out I needed a new car.
Enter MILLY!
Milly was perfect for the time.
I was about to move to Salt Lake City after getting married and needed my Milly girl to get me to work, which was 35 miles away.
If we had had the 4Runner AND the Element...there's no way I could have continued working at New Haven because the gas would have been more than we could handle.
Besides being my work commuter car, she has taken me on many adventures.

1. Santa Barbara to meet my in laws for the first time.
2. Las Vegas to see Celine Dion.
3. Santa Barbara again for our 2nd reception.
4. St. George for a dance competition/babymoon get away
5. Bringing my newborn baby home.
6. Moving to Santa Barbara.
7. Disneyland.
8. And not to mention the countless trips to fun places all over the Salt Lake Valley.

The gardner was looking for a car to get his boys that drive to work from an hour away.
He liked the Civic and liked the gas mileage it got.
After some questions, NO haggling, and a moment of "k, seriously are we doing this?"...we got a deal we couldn't refuse.
Within 3 days we had cleaned her out, made her sparkle and shine, went out for one last drive, and handed on over the keys and title.
It was a little sad watching Milly go, but I am so grateful for the money that we can put towards a different car that I won't A) kill my back trying to get my beast of a child in and out B) bonk my head trying to get my beast of a child in and out and C) bonk my beast of a child's head getting in and out.

And now a walk down memory lane during the 3 years we had the Milly.

Our first trip to Santa Barbara!
I remember we headed down on St. Patrick's Day.  This is us leaving Provo town!

This is when Alex pushed the seat back since he was taking over driving and he crushed all my newly bought Thin Mint cookies.
I wanted to cry.
I just had to remember I loved him more than I loved cookies...right?  :)

Alex talking about gyros on the way back to Provo.

With my ladies after our serious high from just seeing Celine Dion!!!!

Freshly washed cars at our first apartment.
HONDA family! :)

And fast forward 2 years!  haha!
Kameron's trip home from the hospital.

So teensy just watching the world go by at 2 days old!

First real outing post partum.
I felt serious pride.  haha!

SO TIRED while making the move to CA!
We drove mostly in the middle of the night so Kam would sleep the whole way.
The cub IS back there...somewhere...

Taking selfies with my babe while Grammie is in Whole Foods.

Baby in the trunk.

Baby mad it's cold and rainy.

And there she goes!

So long, Milly girl!
You were a good car and I sure love you lots.
I hope you bring joy to someone else.