Monday, May 5, 2014

9 months in and 9 months out!

Let's not talk about the fact that my baby is 3 months away from being 1.
Let's talk about how my baby is 9 months old!

^I love when his little feet are sticking out behind him playing.
I could stare at it all day.

We don't have our check up until Thursday, but we're roughly guessing he's about 24 lbs.
(At least that's how much weight he adds to us when we get on the scale with him. :)

He crawls all over the place, pulls up to kneeling or standing, and is walking while holding on.
It's definitely a full time job keeping an eye on him!

He understands what "look" means and I'm pretty sure knows his name.
He also started to clap, which is my new favorite trick of his!

He tries to imitate anything we do with our mouths.
He loves to wiggle his tongue, click his tongue, and motor boat his lips.

This last month we moved into a different house and this house has huge closet mirrors.
Kameron LOVES them.
He climbs up to standing and just babbles at himself...or makes out with himself...whatever...

Thank heavens he thinks loud noises are hilarious!
If a blender starts up, a vacuum turns on, a toilet flushes, or someone is drying their hair...he starts laughing!

He's a trooper baby at Disneyland!
He loves the rides and the characters!
Pluto and Goofy are his favs.

Ok ok...this might be my favorite...
He has started to scrunch up nose/face and breathe out loudly.
I laugh pretty much every time.
I die from the cuteness.

He's started to eat more solids now that he's figured out chewing.
Minus a few foods I can pretty much give him bits of whatever we are eating, which is SO nice.
His favorite foods are: bites cereal, cheese, bread, strawberries, yogurt bites, applesauce, tortillas, cooked chicken/turkey, and french fries.

We've also entered the tantrum phase.
It's a gem.

Overall, he's just one happy, busy boy.
He's so curious and very attentive to detail.
Everyone that meets him marvels at how alert he is, how he looks people in eyes, and how well mannered he behaves.
I'm so grateful to be his mother and to watch him grow.

Happy 9 months, Kameron Mark!
We love you, cub.