Monday, January 9, 2012


I know I say it time and time again, BUT...
I LOVE my job!
I think I love it even more since I can focus on it more, due to me not having school and Magleby's Fresh to compete with it.
(p.s. Went to Magleby's Fresh the other day because I was passing by. SO glad I don't work there anymore!)

Where were we?
Ah much I love my job.

I love coming in knowing I'll get along with ALL of my co-workers.
I love coming in knowing the company cares about its employees.
I love coming in not knowing what the day will hold. Some days will be crazy, but there will always be a few girls that will tell you they're sorry for other girls acting up and will tell you how awesome you are. Hello boost for me! :)
I also love that we can have onesie day and I won't get fired for dressing inappropriately.
Could you imagine a CEO coming to work in a onesie?
Yep...would not work.
I'll take my job, thanks. :)

(Me and my shift: Chelsey & Courtney)


Brooke Elyse said...

Ok... so... where do you work?? haha glad you love it.

Meggara said...

onesie day!!!!!!!