Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ashley the Kay girl is 24!

So my dear dear, Ashley Kay, has turned 24! was yesterday.
So apologies are in order!
Sorry Ash...I just spaced giving you a blog shout out yesterday!
So I shall give it to you today!

As I look through the pictures I have with Ash, they perfectly explain why I love her so and why she is one of my besties!

1. She is not to cool to listen to "uncool" music with me like Justin Bieber (hence the cut out), Clay Aiken, Backstreet Boys, etc. It makes for a way fun time and I can always count on a dance session happening even if it's in the car.

2. She is such a great road trip buddy! This is on our trip to Las Vegas for Celine's concert! She always keeps me entertained during long drives and we always come home with countless memories!

3. She has drive. I was so lucky to be able to walk and sit by Ash at our BYU graduation! You feel such a sense of accomplishment and I'm so grateful I was able to share that with her! Ashley has a lot ahead of her and I know she will do amazing things.

4. She will eat with me.'s a requirement in a good friendship. She's always down for Subway, Taco Bell, Costa Vida, Spoon Me, Papa John's, Zaxby's, or whatever! I know that when I'm in the mood...she'll be in the mood. Now that's love.

5. She's up for crazy adventures! We had to stay in this little boy's room during our Stay at Home session in Miami and we were a little afraid for our lives!, but really. I cannot imagine anyone else that this would have been as funny with, so I am glad Ashley was my roommate for such an experience!

6. She doesn't think "friendiversaries" are weird. Cause duh...they're not! This is us on our 6th year friendiversary! It's also July 4th. Yep...we're just that special.

7. She shares my love for EFY. Maybe because we were participants together. Maybe because we've worked it for so many summers together. Or maybe it's both, but we understand our obsession with EFY. We make fun of the kiddies all summer long crying their heads off on the last night, but then we're just as bad, if not worse, on our last EFY night of the summer. It's pretty pathetic how we cling on to each other and bawl our eyes out. And yet, I'm not embarrassed by it because it's with her.

8. She's a great dance partner! Dances are not the same with out this lady of mine.

9. We share the same sense of humor. We pretty much think all of the same things are funny. At one of our variety shows at EFY we were laughing so hard at something the MC said, that no one else thought was funny! We could NOT stop laughing and our cheeks were seriously KILLING us...hence where this picture comes in! There's nothing like laughing with Ash.

10. She helps me out. Having Ashley as one of my BC's for 2 summers was a huge blessing! She was always asking what she could do to make my load lighter. She helped me so many times emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am forever grateful! (Thanks for helping me direct traffic on pizza night! :)

11. She loves the gospel. Through being her roommate, co-EFY-worker, and just being her friend, I know that Ashley puts the gospel first. She always reads her scriptures, says her prayers, goes to church, and finds ways to serve those around her. I am so grateful I was able to be in the Sacred Grove with her this summer! Every friendship should do it because it's awesome! :)

12. Ashley has a killer smile. I want it. Enough said.

13. Ashley is a supporter. Through everything with Alex, she has supported me 100%. She helped out so much with my wedding and I love her even more for that. I could not have imagined my wedding weekend without her. It was a comfort just seeing her face whenever I would feel jitters in my tummy. I only wish she could have been in the sealing room with us!

14. Ashley is always there. See this picture below...the music starts, Ashley starts making her way on over to dance the night away with me. That's a silly example, but it's true. She's always one of the first people that's there for me when I really need it. She's the epitome of a true friend.

Well, Ash.
Sorry this post is late.
Sorry I haven't been able to see you as much.
That dang city of Salt Lake! :)
Know that I love you.
Know that I was thinking of you constantly yesterday.
Know that I think you're beautiful. (And so does Alex. :)
Know that you're a special daughter of God and He loves you.
Know that you're one of my best friends and always will be.
Miss you lots and lots.
Can't wait to see you when you get back from your GA excursion!



Ashley Kay said...

love you so much sweet kaycie!