Monday, January 23, 2012


So my dear friend, McKell, (who is on a mission in ITALY!) made up this things she calls "Blah-ging."
It's you blogging about your blah/random thoughts.

I decided I'd like to give it a try because well...I want to blog today, I'm just hanging out in the living room at work because a girl is on sick bed and can't go to school, and I don't have anything specific I want to blog about.

- I may have gotten teary eyed when I watched my husband bless the Sacrament in church yesterday. Something about him using his Priesthood, being so adorable, mixed with it being that time of the month made me emotional.

- I played the card game "speed" with a girl at work for over an hour. It was glorious.

- I really want a pet. Blast apartments.

- I have not had sugar for 3 weeks. THREE weeks, people. That's the longest I've ever gone. No cakes, cookies, pastries, candies, etc. for me. It's actually getting pretty easy to say no to things.

- I have officially mastered chicken tacos and chicken parmesan. They are dang good. I am proud. :)

- It snowed. As long as it stays out of the road, we're fine.

- I'm working on my Audrey Hepburn puzzle. It's about 1/4 done. I la la la LOVE it! I think I'm going to frame it so I can always look at her pretty face.

- We played Phase 10 with Leah and Bryon on Friday night. Alex couldn't even remember how to play when we started and yet he ended up winning.

- I go to NYC in 5 months!! (and counting...)

- Justin Bieber has earrings now. Ew. AWFUL. He was cuter before.

- I am so so so so sad that Romney lost the South Carolina Primary. I'm even more sad that Gingrich won it! The only semi nice thing is that my home county gave Romney more votes than the other candidates.

- I heard on the radio this morning that Heidi Klum & Seal are getting a divorce. Sad. I liked them together.

- I'm reading The Great Gatsby again since the new version is coming to the big screen in December! CAN NOT WAIT!

- We leave for AZ on Thursday and I'm so excited! HELLO family and sunshine for the weekend!

- I'm really hoping my future home is going to shape up to look just how I've planned it on Pinterest. That'd be lovely.

- I think I'm done.

- Yep, that's all I can think to blah-g about.

Happy Monday, y'all! Have a great week!


Aimee said...

You need to move to an apartment where they allow pets. We just got a kitten, so now its cat and dog. and its wonderful!

Lori said...

Can't wait to see YOU!!!