Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Christmas Thoughts.

I don't have anything profound to say.
Only fragments of thoughts strung together.
So maybe I can make them Christmas-y?

1. I've worked a lot the last few weeks. Good for the bank. Bad for seeing my hubby. I am SO excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to be with him.

2. Karly, JJ, and the babe are here. We went and saw Santa tonight! It took over an hour to get through the line, but that's fine. Laela did really well until she looked up and saw who was holding her. The look was priceless.

3. Don't tell anyone, but I wish it would snow for Christmas.

4. I realized I am not so great at being a mom during this season. There are so many things I wanted to make, cook, bake, create, etc. and did next to none of them. Good thing I'm not a mom and my husband didn't know I had such plans to do so. (Until he reads this.)

5. Our BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree is dead. We discovered it was not taking in water. We're thinking the idiot man at the tree lot did not cut off the bottom. We sawed it off ourselves, but we think it's a lost cause since it's still wilted. It's still pretty when the lights are off though.

6. We're taking care of my friend's cat, Nahla, while she's home for Christmas. She's great until bed time. Then we hear her batting ornaments off the tree and then chasing them around or she pounces on us in bed. It is so fun coming home to a pet though! I'm grateful I married someone who likes cats.

7. I have not watched nearly enough Christmas movies. And by that I've only seen half of Elf and half of Charlie Brown Christmas. The rest of Elf, Home Alone, and I come!

8. Alex and I finished the final season of "Friends." We started at season 1 shortly after we began dating and have finally finished season 10! No matter how many times I see the final episode, I cry. It's so exciting that Chandler & Monica got twins. You love that Phoebe is still quirky, even though she's married. You feel SUCH a sense of relief that Rachel and Ross are together!! You are saddened, yet excited that Chandler & Monica are moving to the suburbs. You can't help but feel sad that everyone has someone, except for Joey...what's he supposed to do?! I know, I'm ridic. I feel like they're my own friends. I love them and I love the last episode.

9. I hate fruitcake.

10. I played laser tag with my girls today at work since they don't have school right now. I chose to have them play the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack during our 30 minute battle: red vs. green. I was on the green team. My girls and I dominated 240 to the red's measly 209. The bloodbath plus Pirates booming in your soul was quite the experience. You could call it epic.

11. I really hope we make gingerbread men tomorrow.

12. I have not seen nearly enough Hallmark commercials recently. C'mon people...

13. I love my job. No seriously. Like...i LOVE it. Not many people can say that. I am a blessed chica.

14. I'm SO excited for Christmas!

15. Though I do love all Christmas music, including those classic peeps like Bing & Frank, this season has been full of Christmas selections by the Biebs, Hanson, Mindy Gledhill, & Michael Buble. Now if only Ms. Sara Bareilles would release a Christmas album, my life would be complete. She'd sit up there with Celine in my book.

16. I bought a 1000 piece puzzle of Audrey Hepburn. I canNOT wait to start that little baby so I can stare at her perfectly, delightful face.

17. I'm loving this photo I found on pinterest. It explains it perfectly. Christ is the real reason we celebrate. DUH. Even Santa knows!


Brittany said...

i like your christmas thoughts. :)

Lori said...

Merry Christmas. I miss and love you!!!