Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dark.

So I have this fear of the dark.
I cannot walk around outside at night by myself.
I cannot walk around my own apartment in the dark.
I'm much better than when I was little. I can now at least sleep in the dark. No more night lights for me! I'm a big girl now! :)

The girls at work always make fun of me because if I have to walk to my car after the sun's gone down, I make a co-worker walk with me. I just can't do it!
I just can't handle the increasingly rushing heart beat, the ears heightened to every noise, the eyes darting to and fro, the walking briskly, the feeling I want to cry...nope. No thanks. Not my cup of tea. (I hate tea.) Why put myself through that when I can just make a co-worker escort me?

Since it's winter, when I leave for work at 6:15 in the blessed a.m., it is still pitch black. This presents a problem since there are no co-workers that live at my house.
I DO have, however, a husband!
The amazing man that he is, gets up every morning I go to work, and walks me out to my car.
Once I'm ready I go in, rub his back, and wake him up.
He makes some funny faces and funny noises, but after a few minutes he is up.
He puts on his moccasins, sweatpants, and big coat and heads on out with me.
The poor kid is so groggy, but he does it without complaining.
Then I kiss his tired face goodbye and he trudges on back to our apartment.

Thank you, husband!
I now have one less thing to worry about during my day.
Take that, dark!


brittanyc said...

I remember one time when we lived there that I came home at like 2:30 in the morning and there were no parking spots anywhere NEAR our apartment. It was pitch black. I had to park several courts over. I was TERRIFIED to walk to my apartment. I called the house but Chris wouldn't wake up. I thought about sleeping in the car. Seriously, I was that scared. After several minutes of contemplating and prayer, I RAN as fast as I could to my apartment. My knees were shaking, but I made it :) I feel your early morning pain! It IS scary!

Beth said...

That's like the sweetest thing ever. Yay for awesome hubbies. :)