Saturday, May 21, 2011


So today was a lot of thinking day...and the day's not even over.
This morning I got up and met Alex at the Provo temple.
He was going with some guys in his Elder's Quorum for a temple trip and I decided to join because I love going to the temple with my boy.

I put in my iPod to listen to EFY music to prepare my mind for the temple.
The first song that came on was "Praise the Man" from EFY 2005.
It's a tribute song to Joseph Smith because it was his 200th birthday celebration that year.
I have always loved that song. Always. When it was sung at EFY in 2005 I was 18 years old. I had never had that amazing testimony of Joseph Smith. I never doubted he was a prophet, but I just hadn't had an experience that really made me just awe inspired by him. Well...when "Praise the Man" was sung at EFY it brought that experience. We had a big lesson on him then the song was sung. I remember having chills shooting throughout my entire body and the tears quickly filling up my eyes, rolling down my cheeks, then filling back up again. For minutes it did this. I couldn't quite get a hold of myself for about 5 mins. I KNEW, without a doubt in my mind, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the gospel to the earth. I KNEW it.

Well...back to my morning...
I was listening to this song on the way to the temple and thinking about all the sacrifices Joseph Smith went through. The challenges and trials are numerous and too many for me to put down in detail. Any kind of persecution, hardship, or hate, he (and Emma) dealt with and then kept moving forward in the building up of the kingdom. That takes determination. That takes love. And that takes knowing Heavenly Father is bigger than man. Seriously, he would not have kept going if he didn't know he was fighting for the truth, and through it all, he did it. Sure he had his weak moments, but he did it. He did whatever it took to meet the goal.

Now I know this is a stretch...but somehow my mind then shifted to my own life.
Do I have that kind of determination and love? Do I do whatever it takes to get through the tunnel? As I was taking this mental inventory of my life, I realized I am in some areas of my life, but not in others.
As far as the workplace goes...I do. I am very driven and thrive on the people higher up than me being pleased with my work.
As far as my relationships go...I do. I feel even though there is always room for improvement, I am a good person to have a relationship with. I am loyal, I am caring, and I would do pretty much anything for someone.
However, as far as taking total care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually I am lacking.
I don't exercise enough anymore.
I don't eat as well as I should.
I don't read enough good books.
I don't read the scriptures enough.
I don't say as meaningful of prayers as I should.
I don't have enough balance.

So therefore...Joseph Smith has inspired me to change that. (Does that sound odd?)
I have a new found determination to read my scriptures every day.
I have a fresh desire to take better care of my body.
I made goals with Alex Coldstone...haha I know that sounds ironic.
It was my last treat to myself.
From here on out til my wedding (cause c' have to eat good on your honeymoon) I am going to exercise at least 4 times a week and not have any sweets or fried foods. Whenever I get a craving I am going to grab a fruit or a smoothie or something of the sorts. (I did tell myself I could have Zaxby's when I get to the south because I only get it there so I have to take advantage of it while I'm there for a few short weeks!)
And I have a huge desire to add more variety to my life.
So if that means renting a tandem bike or going to fly a kite...gosh darnit I'm going to do it!
So thanks Brother Joseph. By george you've done it again...thanks.
I'll let y'all know how it goes!

And in other are a FEW favorites from our engagement sessions with my sister, Krista Maurer with Island Belle Photography. We absolutely la la la LOVE them! We can't decide what ones we want to put up on our newlywed walls...and we still have wedding pictures to take! Krista is seriously amazing! If you need some pictures taken call or email her!
Feast your eyes...


Lori said...

I admire you. Thank you for your obedience and for always stepping it up when you feel it's needed. I appreciate your example.

Beth said...

Kayc, I think we all end up in a rut like that every once in a while. After I got married I read my scriptures less than I always had, and it was hard to get back on track. But I've been good lately and wow, the difference is huge! Heavenly Father definitely blesses us when we do the things we know are right. :)