Tuesday, June 22, 2010

still alive...and currently being a Georgia peach.

Hello Friends & Family, I promise I'm still breathing and alive! I am seriously so busy! As soon as I landed on the East Coast it has been go go go. Which I love, so I'm very happy. I know this statement might come as a shocker, but...

Seriously. It is the greatest place in the entire world. Sure France, New Zealand, Italy, and Brazil might seem appealing and are amazing, but I would take being a Southern Belle over those places any day, hands down. As soon as I landed and walked off the plane it felt like home. The humidity was almost smothering...yet awesome! The temperature was high...yet refreshing. No mountains in sight...only trees greener than the Ireland hills. Just while walking to baggage claim I saw more "A" hats than ever, had an older man let me go in front of him to the escalator, and heard a little girl with the most dreamy southern accent. Yes Maam's and No Sir's were no longer an uncommon thing, but everyday language. Big hats and sun dresses are every day attire and Iced Tea is drunk more than water. It's a magical place, this South. And I love it.
Ashley & I had a fun couple days before we headed to Gainesville for EFY preparation. Some activities included a bonfire, tubing on Lake Lanier, SYTYCD Tivo, & watermelon eating. Then the EFY craziness began. It was full of stress. Wow...this coordinator business is a way bigger beast than I think I thought. But that's ok. Thankfully my co, Ammon, is awesome and has done this before. He's super encouraging and we actually make quite a team. The counselors are saying our partnership has got it together. They can tell we're unified and support each other and think of the youth before anything. But that's why we're here...to serve the youth. They are the absolute MOST important thing here. I get so giddy being around them. I feel like so many of them are my children. I've been through so much with them and have helped them with their struggles and questions. Even though I'm no one's counselor I still get to share my testimony and be an example as best as I can. I can't think of a more satisfying feeling than a participant yelling my name and running towards me. I know it's like super cheesy, but it's true. My heart is warmed and I have a feeling I know at least a fraction of how a mother feels towards her children.
There's so much to write about being a coordinator...most of which would most likely be a bore. A LOT of paperwork, A LOT of fixing housing issues, A LOT of dealing with problem youth, A LOT of dealing with the parents [who are worse than the problem youth] and A LOT of logisitical things. However, there has also been A LOT of laughing, A LOT of crying, A LOT of scripture reading, A LOT of unity, and A LOT of prayer. I've already learned more about myself in the last 3 days and I can't wait to just keep growing and growing these next 3 weeeks. EFY is the best thing. I'm so grateful for this program and the aim of this program. If you can't tell....I love EFY. End of story.
Much Love!


Krista said...

i am SO excited for all you're doing! don't forget to write it all down in your journal. that's one thing i wish i had been better at when i taught at the mtc. i have NO record of my experiences.

and HAVE FUN! (i know you are)


Lori said...

I'm so happy for you...so proud of who you are and what you love and stand for! Just keep being you & always finding the joy!
Alma 1:25
Ether 12:6