Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Do you ever have moments of nostalgia?
Where you get lost in your memories filled with laughter, dancing, fun, music, sillyness, and the people you love most?
Well, that's where I am tonight.
I am missing those times and people I love.
I feel like sometimes I live in a hamster wheel.
Don't get me wrong, I love my life.
But there are times where I feel like I have this routine of work and school and I just go round and round and rarely have time to dance, laugh, and spend time with my friends and family.
I am grateful that I go to an amazing school such as BYU and that in this economy I have two jobs.
But sometimes...man. How nice it would be sometimes to go back to when school was easy and I worked 15 hours a week?
I'm done rambling now.
I thought I would just share a handful of the people and things I'm thinking of while I watch the moon rise over the mountains.

I miss my island and my boats and my water. I'm craving the sand between my toes, dolphins playing in the wake of the Holiday, and seeing the sun set beyond the water's edge. I miss hearing my daddy's narration and seeing ladies with big rimmed hats. I miss old men running ahead to open the door for you and hearing "yall," "maam," "sir," and "bless your heart." Hilton Head Island is calling me home and I can't wait til I can answer. It truly is the greatest place on earth...I don't care what anyone says.

High School. I know I know...who misses that? Well, I do. Life was so simple then. Life consisted of great teachers, dancing for hours every day, piano lessons, choir, stake friend sleepovers, musicals, beach, girl's camp, and these two ladies: Brittany & Katie Claire. They were my life! For real. Kate just got married and Brit just got engaged. Geez...weren't we 16 yesterday? I miss my amazing Mama. She really is an amazing woman. I know she thinks all we do is make fun of her, but sometimes man...she makes it all too easy. [ha jokes, ma.] But really we love her so much and she will do anything for anyone. Currently I am missing her back scratches, singing in the grocery store at the top of her lungs, lasagna, and late night chats. I'm finding I'm more and more like her every day. That used to scare me, but I'm alright with that. I hope I can continue on with her spontaneous, fun loving, selfless, Christlike personality.

My sisters. They're couldn't be 2 people in this world that I would rather have as my sisters than Krista & Karly. I think we have the funniest childhood stories and I'm grateful we could share them with each other. I want to hear Kar's people impressions and her laugh. [she has a great one.] Even though I get to see Krista more than anyone in my fam bam, I'm missing her tonight as well. I could really go for playing the piano while she sings right now. If I could have anything though, it would be a sleepover with these two at this very moment. We would be laughing, talking, singing, and cuddling. Mmm...that sounds lovely.

My sweet Daddy. This man is my hero...always has been, always will. He always lets me crawl in his lap, even now. He has the corniest, but funniest humor around. If I were home right now I would want to spend an entire day with just him. I would want him to make breakfast, cause he's so good at it. Then we'd drive around in the truck going to the bank, the dump, and the harbor. We'd eat at Harold's Diner for lunch. [heart attack on a plate.] We'd go on the sunset trip and watch dolphins. Then at night we'd watch Jungle Book and have 2 separate popcorn bowls. [cause we like different kinds.] That's a perfect day for me.

I kinda just miss my whole family in general. Being in college and in student apartments makes you crave being around a family. I want grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc all around me.
Leah & McKell. Leah got married and Kell is on study abroad in Europe. They left me. Cool, yall. Real cool. HA...jokes. But seriously...I'm missing my besties very VERY very badly! Hurry back to my arms, k? I want to tell you how much I love you.

Bethany & Amanda. Two of my dearest friends ever. We were inseparable my sophomore year. I seriously had some of my fondest memories with these two ladies. I could go for a lazy day with them: movies, giant journaling/scrapbooking, celestial pumpkin bars, dancing, talking, and laughing. I miss them lots.My sophomore apartment. Glenwood #165. I think out of all my years, this was the apartment with the most memories. Probably because we were OUT OF CONTROL. There was NEVER a dull moment. LeAnne had her harp there and I had a rented piano. Muddy Buddy Sundays. Wheelbarrow and horse races in the hallway. Playing "True Colors." FHE. Never going to bed before 2am. There was so much more that I could go on and on about, but I just cherish these ladies so much and everything I learned from them.
Being in charge of Club Style and being with the club all the time. That was a hard thing passing on the club. Even though it was necessary I still have moments where I miss it. Lots. I couldn't even really go a ton this last year cause of work. I miss the people, I miss the dancing, I miss the fun, I miss the bonding, I miss the atmosphere, I miss bringing the joy of dancing to others.

I miss Turner Field. I miss my Braves. I am craving that exhilaration of being around Braves fans and doing the tomahawk chop. Only a few more weeks until this nostalgic moment can become a reality! I can't wait to see my boys! [p.s. I miss Ash too, even if we are both in Provo. Our schedules are NOT meshing and it's sad.]

BethyPoo! I have no other friends like Beth. And I love that. She is responsible for much fun. I wouldn't mind reliving a day with her. I'm sure it would be full of pranks, dancing, cookies and candy, kitties, and laughing. She's made my BYU experience a memorable one and I know will be life long friends. We just gotta get together more. ;]

BYU football games. That's all I really need to say. haha. I'm just missing them and the excitement they bring to my life.

EFY EFY EFY!! I'm always nostalgic about this little activity that is my life. Only a few more weeks until I get to have 3 weeks full of youth, dances, classes, firesides, late night talks, cheers, games, nasty food, bright polos, testimony meetings, and feeling the spirit constantly. Please come faster! :]
I think we all know how I feel about this guy right here. We are both SO over saying goodbye to each other. That's so winter semester. :] Ha...for real though. Saying goodbye gets harder and harder...not easier. Idaho has a hold on my boy for only 2 more months, but on nights like this, that seems far too long. Especially when he sends me texts that say this: "Hey wanna know something random? I really wanna slow dance with you right now." Who couldn't love a sweet boy like that? Well too bad...he's mine. When he's gone I feel very empty and I don't like it. I think that's the main reason why I'm feeling so nostalgic tonight and reminiscing on memories. I miss this fella a lot and I can't wait til I can see him every single day. That sounds delightful.


whitney said...

that picture of you and alex is beautiful. you look absolutely gorgeous. miss you kayce face.

Ashley Kay said...

i love you and i miss you too!
seriously, this schedule clashing business needs to change! i need to see you!!!!
and efy is in less than 3 weeks! what the heck?! all these children walking around campus are making me super excited!

Beth said...

Aw Kaycie! I miss you so much. Oh man we have so much to catch up on.. if only I had a phone I would call you right now! The biggest news: Nate and I are moving to VA in December or January. And Nate doesn't know it yet, but I'm already planning a trip out to HHI. And holy cow you look absolutely beautiful in that picture of you and Alex! Love ya amiga.

Kell said...

Lady! I miss you too! It's weirdthat we've gone so long without seein eachother. WEIRD! I hope you are great. I love that picture of you and Alejandro. You look gorge! :) love you chica. We will be reunited soon. :)

Lori said...

so, i loved every single part of this post...i remembered each part cuz you shared so much with me--thanks for that! and that little part about me...yep, made me cry...sure love you! you are one amazing woman! p.s. agree w/ everyone-the pic of you 2 is so good! xo