Friday, April 30, 2010


So there was this cat.
And her name was Swampy.
She might not have been the brightest of cats in this world, but she definitely was the sweetest.
We got her when I was 11.
Karly found her at Girl's Camp when she was just a few days old. Of course they brought her home, cause that's what we do in my house. The first time I saw her she was so tiny and so cute!
At first we weren't sure if we were going to keep her or try to give her away.
We kept her and named her Swampy since we found her by the Okefenokee Swamp in GA.
She was the funniest kitten ever! She loved to play and explore and seriously had the cutest face in the world.
She loved to cuddle and loved to be around people all the time!
She was a very very sick kitten though.
Being abandoned at such a young age left her to fend for herself, which is not so easy when you're a day old. Because of that she was very sick.
The vets actually told us they didn't think she would last very many years.
They don't know what family they're dealing with here. We are the Maurers. Animals do not die in our house. They stick it out to the very end.
So year after year after year Swampy was still with us.
She became quite the scardy-cat however, which was weird considering how much of an explorer she was as a kitten.
She was scared of being outside [again, odd] and scared of new people...especially men.
She had trouble using the box.
She favored dad's shoes instead. [Daddy wasn't a fan of that.]
She loved being wrapped up in a blanket and being held like a baby.
She loved to give kisses.
She loved to play with our other cat, Tigger.
She was generally a happy cat.
As time went on she finally learned how to use the box, but she got sicker. Her poor little nose was raw and crusted.
She sneezed all the time and had watery eyes.
But oh was she cute and still just as sugary sweet.
Her new best friend became Wicked, Karly's cat.
Wicked brought a new life out in Swampy.
They seriously were inseparable the 9 months or so Wicked lived at our house.
That was a sad sad day when Wicked left. Swampy did not take it well.
She missed her best friend.
Well...this past January Swampy passed away.
I still can't believe kinda feels surreal.
Maybe because she died while I was gone it doesn't feel real yet.
I'm used to being away from her now.
But what I'm not used to is being at home at not having her there.
She was always one to come cuddle with me.
She was always one to crave attention even if you're doing something "important."
She was just so darn cute.
I was looking through pictures and found one of her and Wicked and it made me miss her.
So I suppose Swampy is up with our other beloved pets.
I'm grateful our family had her for the 11 1/2 years that we did.
She was always the "kitten"...just like me.
We never grew out of those baby names and we enjoyed our spots.
I think that's why we had a special bond.
I miss you, Swamps.

[Here are some videos of Swampy and Wicked.]


Lori said...

Oh, I miss her so much. I still keep expecting to see her, or better yet "hear" her! I miss that Meow! Thank you for your sweet tribute--great memories.
She and Wicked were so cute together. I'm glad you caught both the playful and the quiet times they shared togeher. And when she looked at the camera in the 2nd one, I lost it!