Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 was mighty fine.

It's hard to believe 2009 is almost over! I feel like it was just New Years Eve 2008. Crazy how fast time goes...and this year was no exception! It really did fly by. Which is good considering the first part of it wasn't the greatest time of life for me. I had some definite struggles this year, but looking back on it I have no doubts it was what I needed to make me a better person and to make my testimony stronger. So for that I am grateful! Here are some 2009 highlights:

-Road Tripping to Denver with Ashley for MLK weekend! It was muchly needed!
-Seeing the Denver temple for the first time...can scratch that off the list.
-Trevor Hall concert for the 2nd time!
-Performing for and meeting Benji. [winner of SYTYCD 2]
-Having Leah be my Valentine.
-Successfully throwing Krista a surprise party.
-Having one thrown for me as well!
-Going to Idaho for the first time and seeing the Rexburg & Idaho Falls Temples...scratch off those as well.-Becoming part of the BYU Folk Dance program!
-Sleepovers in the living room with Leah.
-Taking New Testament from Sister Olsen.

-Club Style showcase!
-Braves winning the kickoff game to the MLB season against the Phillies!
-Becoming friends with McKell.
-Britney Spears concert!
-Leah filling my room with 50 balloons. [each one filled with a reason why she loves me.]
-Playing piano for mama's chorus at the Boys & Girls Club.
-Teaching dance camps with Holly.
-EFY for 3 weeks as a BC...getting to hang out with my friends and the amazing youth!
-Braves games!
-Mermaid...once again.
-Going on the Tampa Bay Rays field!
-Stone Mountain for the first time!
-Casey [a kid from EFY] getting baptized.
-Karly & JJ's wedding!!
-McKell's visit!
-EFY Counselor Reunion on Hilton Head!-Road Tripping back to UT with the Sants and stopping in Denver.
-Lagoon for the first time!
-Winning the horseshoe tournament at Kell's cabin.
-Seeing a moose, coyote, and riding/driving a 4Wheeler...all first timers.
-BYU vs. FSU game.-Promotion to Counter Supervisor at Charlotte Russe!
-Being a part of the 50th Christmas Around the World!
-BYU beating Utah!-Getting the EFY Coordinator position!
-Having the most awesome Home Teachers I've ever had.
-Getting a snuggie.
-Getting closer to the Savior.
-Feeling Heavenly Father's love.
-Time with my wonderful family and my great friends!

Yes...2009 was eventful. It had its ups and it had its downs...but it was a good year that holds many dear memories! Here's to 2010! Let's see what life will bring!


Lori said...

I so admire your perspective and positive attitude. But most of all I love your spirit and who you are! Love you!