Monday, August 31, 2009

You say "Tomato" and I say "Yuck."

So I've kinda had this on going battle with tomatos.

I hate them.
Think they're disgusting.
I have honestly tried to like tomatos for some time now.
I keep hoping at some point my taste buds will rejoice when a tomato hits them, instead of hating me for putting such a creation in my mouth.
I try so hard because as many of you know...I am obsessed with ketchup.
Now ketchup I love.

I'm pretty sure I could find a way to incorporate ketchup into every meal.
I get made fun of a lot, but I simply don't care.
I like all tomato products really: spaghetti sauce, tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, i love salsa!
So you see...I'm not totally hatin on tomatos.
I think their main problem is their texture. Bleh. It makes me gag.
I have that same issue with onions and coconuts. [two other foods I can't do.]
I dunno...but it is what it is.

Yesterday my amazing sister, Krista, made dinner for some friends and me.
During the making process she had my roommates go out and pick some fresh cherry tomatos from her garden for the salad.
Once again, my sister made me try one.
Krista's made me try many things in my life.
Like when she told me biting into a ginger root was a good idea. [BAD idea.]
Or the time she gave me a spoonful of salt when I thought it was a spoonful of sugar. My cute, little "Mary Poppins" attitude was altered in a rapid manner.
I should just know that when Krista says something will be good, I should run the other direction.
But no...she's my older sister and I trust her opinion so I relented and said, "Fine...I'll try one of your tomatos."
I really didn't want to, but I did it.
I popped that sucker in my mouth and didn't chew...just let it sit there.
Then when I bit down I about wanted to spit it over everyone.
Oh it made me ill.
My teeth broke the skin and juices squirted all over the inside of my mouth.
I immediately went to the garbage and spit it out.
I tried. But I don't think tomatos will ever be pleasing to me.
So I'm sorry, Kris. Don't take it personal.
I liked your cucumbers-does that count for something?


Krista said...

"I should just know that when Krista says something will be good, I should run the other direction."


So when I say you should try the stuffed chicken I made you, or the creamy veggie medley, or the mashed potatoes, or the dulce de leche filled chocolate cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, you should run the other direction?


Lori said...

Ahh, sisters!

Anonymous said...

Caitlin did (basically)the same thing to me with Salt! the stinker!