Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

well...she's done it.
Karly Quilhot Maurer is now Mrs. Johnathan Barksdale Jr.
Karly Barksdale...that has a good ring to it.
She really is Karly Barley now.
The wedding festivities were AWESOME!

It all started on Saturday, July 18th, when I came home from a baptism in Atlanta and Julie flew in. Jules and I had some fun before everyone else arrived, like bike riding to Wal-Mart...

Then on Sunday Krista flew in just in time to hear Karly's and my talks at church. That day we went to enjoy God's creations on the beach and hung out.

Monday was more wedding finalizing and such.

Tuesday was nail day at the salon. All the girls went to our favorite nail salon to get manis and pedis! Then that night my family and Julie came to see me perform at the mermaid show! Lots of fun as always! I get SO nervous performing in front of my family, but it's fun too. We brought them up on the stage to dance like divas for "I Will Survive." Then the night ends with dancing and fireworks.

But the fun wasn't over there. We had a night of dancing and singing in the living room and then headed off to get Joshua Ross Blade at the Savannah airport. I decided to stay in my mermaid costume just cause it'd be funny, but then Karly & Julie joined in on the fun and dressed up too. Karly came as Glenda the good witch and Julie came as an 80s hooker. We were quite the sight at the airport. Everyone coming off that plane wished they were Mr. Blade!

Wednesday was the day before the wedding! We went out on Karly's last trip as Captain Karly, Crabby Captain of the Crabber J and then headed to the beach for a few hours. JJ and his family drove in town and then we had our rehearsal dinner out on our sunset cruise boat for a beautiful evening meeting and joining families! JJ's family is awesome! His Nana [grandma] is the cutest lady I've ever met and everyone was so loving and welcoming. I love my new family!

Thursday = WEddING DAY! [goin to the temple and we're...gonna get maaaried!] Our closest temple is in Columbia, SC. So that's where we gather. Karly couldn't get in the temple until 9 at night! We left Hilton Head around 3:30 and got there with some good lighting to take pictures before the sealing.

Then everyone [but me] went in to the temple and Karly & JJ were sealed for time and all eternity! I hung out in the waiting room with some of JJ's family and talked with them about the temple and what goes on and why the temple is such an important and necessary part in our path back to the Father & Son. It was fun talking with them about the things I believe in. A lot of our ward members were there for the sealing so it was nice to see the support they have for our family.

Friday was a big day cause getting ready for the receptino was a lot! We had it at this place in one of our gated communities called Moss Creek. It's a circle pavilion with windows all around. The back deck has a view of the ocean, marshes, docks, boats, and big 200 year old oak trees. It was a GORGEOUS day! Absolutely perfect. The ring ceremony started at 6:30. My daddy conducted it and my mama sang. Karly & JJ said some words to each other and it was all great! After that was more picture taking time!

That went in to reception time! Lots of food [chicken salad, meatballs, chocolate fondue, caesar salads, desserts, and of course the amazzzing cake Krista made], lots of tears [happy tears], and lots of dancing! My dance teacher from high school and her husband [Holly & Ross] are the best DJ's in the SouthEast so of course the party was rockin!

Saturday was used for resting and hangin out with the family that was in town! I love my family! I wish we could hang out more often! Then Sunday was the reception up in North Carolina for all of JJ's family and friends. It was really fun meeting everyone in JJ's town and seeing where he grew up! He's a true southern boy with a true southern town! It was awesome! I love my new brother and all he comes with!

The wedding festivities were great! I can't wait for whoever gets married next...we shall see...


Krista said...

ay ya yai! can't wait for who gets married next? seriously? i'm all wedding-ed out! :)

p.s. I hope it's you so you can come to mine. :)

p.p.s. it really was a great week wasn't it?

p.p.p.s LOVE you!

Kell said...

Uh, five words: You have a gorgeous family. I love all your pictures! And I'm obsessed with your bridesmaids dresses. Beautiful much??? Looks like it was a blast. Love you muchly. :)