Saturday, January 11, 2014


There are times when I seriously don't know what to blog about.
Mostly because my entire day revolves around my family.
Alex & (especially) Kameron take up 90% of my time.
That other 10% goes into showering, journal writing, eating, and sometimes exercising.
But all I think about while in the shower or while eating is what else I need to get done FOR them.
And while yes, this can be exhausting to my brain at's become my new normal.
And surprisingly, you know what?  I'm not nearly as bitter as I "should" be.

To most of society what I do day in and day out is boring, redundant, and unimportant.
And I think that's why I sometimes hesitate to blog anymore since it's not "cool" to hang out with a 5 month old all day. (And sometimes at night when he decides to party at 3am.)
I feel like I had way more "interesting" things to blog about before pregnancy and Kam's birth.
So I would open up a new blog post, write a sentence, then delete it and shut my laptop.
I felt like people didn't care about what I was about to share.
But as I watch my sweet baby sleep in his crib via the amazing invention of a video monitor, I've decided I don't care.
This blog is mine.
People can read it if they want.
Or they don't have to...and that's ok.
But if a blog is about writing things that are important to you...then sure, a lot of my future blog posts will be about my doings as a wife and mother.
Because that is my new normal.
I felt like when people would describe me pre marriage and pre motherhood they would say words like: dancer, piano player, friend, hard worker, listener, smart, singer.
And not that I'm not those things anymore.
But I've added wife and mother.
And those are my 2 most important describing words.

So I'm throwing caution to the wind and from here on out I am going to blog about whatever I feel like...and not worry about whether it's cool, interesting, trendy, or thought provoking.
I'm only going to worry about whether it's important to me and something that I want to share with others.
I can't lie your day while watching a baby try and figure out this's pretty great.
My testimony of God and the creation has grown leaps and bounds since being pregnant, going through childbirth, and taking care of Kameron.
And for that...I will be forever grateful.

So I shall leave you with some awesomeness:
1. Kameron loves grass.  And it may be one of the funniest things to watch him try to grasp one, single blade.
2. Alex sometimes will sing along to One Direction or Lady's amazing.  Ask him to do it the next time you see him.
3. My stretch marks are now a soft shade of purple instead of blaring, dark, bruise purple.  Progress, people!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

5 month cub.

Here we are again!
Man, time really does fly!
My baby is 5 months old!  FIVE!

It's crazy that in just one month he'll be a half of a year.

He's still the best baby...nothing new there. :)
Here are his latest and greatest...

2 weeks after his 4 month check up, he had to have another check to make sure his ear infection was gone.  They weighed him at that appointment and he chunked in at 18 lbs 3 oz.  Some days I swear he weighs more than that.  My back kills me by the end of the day.  But I'll take it over worrying about whether my baby is growing or not!  Trust me...he's growing!

At that same appointment, his pediatrician kept commenting on his ear drums.  I kept fighting back the laughter...I don't know why but it was just so funny to me!  Multiple times (literally) she said how perfect his ear drums were.  Now I've had my share of Kameron compliments, but they usually go something like: 
"Oh, he's adorable!"
"Look at his gorgeous eyes!"
But never have I ever received, "His ear drums are beautiful!"
But hey...that's right!  My body made those beautiful, perfect ear drums. :)

He's got rolling down like no one's business.
Front to back to front to back...
He was very proud of himself when he did it on the bed for the first time since it wasn't a firm floor.

His naps have gone downhill a little bit since we moved to Santa Barbara.
He's still quite the champ at night time sleep, which I very much appreciate, but his naps are either too short or he just refuses them all together.

It's quite apparent Kameron likes to eat.
But recently other things are FAR more interesting than eating.
The kid cannot stop looking around at everything while eating.
He basically just snacks now since he gets so distracted.

He's been showing signs recently of teething.
Runny nose, red cheeks, SUPER irritable and inconsolable at times, and just goes to town gnawing on anything he can get his little hands on!
It comes and goes in waves so I'm just not sure when a tooth is going to poke its little head out!
We shall see...

We started a couple solids this month.
We started with rice cereal.  He liked it ok...he wasn't super into it.
But he seems to really like sweet potatoes!
We're still trying to get the swallowing aspect of eating solids down, but he seems to enjoy the taste!

Since moving in with my in laws, he's been really into their dog, Beau.
It's pretty cute!  Beau is just a puppy so sometimes he wants to play too hard for Kam, but when they're both being gentle with each's pretty heart melting.

Kameron is just a happy boy.
He loves to bounce, roll, laugh, play, grab, and look.
I feel so blessed to be his mother (even when he screamed for an hour straight at the DMV, which is a blog post all on its own) and I just love watching him grow.