Friday, November 1, 2013

3 month old Kameron!

Holy moly!
Where is time going?!
Yesterday on Halloween, Kameron became a 3 month old babe.
In some ways it's flown by, but then it's also hard to remember when our family only consisted of 2 people.

As you will be able to tell from my favorite pictures from the last month, Kam has turned in to quite the little ham.  His facial expressions have just blossomed!  It's so much fun to see how his face changes when he's concentrating, upset, happy, uncomfortable, quizzical, and my favorite: excited!

He's definitely discovered his hands this month.  He can bat at objects now and even grabs them a lot of the time.  His mouth has turned into the automatic magnet so whatever he does grab, gets pulled to the mouth.  He also really loves sucking on his hands and for some reason loves to chew on fabric.  Weirdo.

He LOVES his new play mat that Grammie got for him when she was in town.  His feet kick a piano that plays songs and he can bat at jungle animals.  He just goes crazy sometimes kicking and batting away!  Then he'll pretend he's all upset and wants out, but as soon as he sees our faces he gets all excited again and plays more.  He just wants us right there so he can show off for us.

He can hold his head up and does great while being in a front carrier or in his Bumbo.  He also LOVES to stand!  We can just hold on to his hands and pull him up from a laying down position.  He thinks it's the greatest thing in the world and gets the biggest proud smile on his face!

He does pretty great with sleeping.  His first stretch of the night is usually 8-9 hours.  Then after a quick nurse, he's back down for another 2.5-3 hours.  He also takes about an hour long nap twice a day and then a little catnap in the evening.

He's still a chunk.  Our guess is that he's gained about another pound, but we aren't for sure.  But we did measure him and he's grown another half inch.

He really enjoys being outside still.  He loves to look around, sleep in his stroller, and then look around some more.  He also makes the funniest noise whenever wind hits his face.

Kam is very close to rolling from his tummy to his back.  The poor guy is so frustrated that he's so close!  He's got the working hard grunt down and just does it over and over again during tummy time.

Thankfully he does great while out and about.  He observes other people and as soon as they look at him, he can't help but smile!  We usually can hit up 2 errands before he's done and wants to go home and take a nap.  So if I divide them up evenly throughout the week, I can usually hit everywhere I need to.

His bedtime routine is turning in to my favorite time of the day.  He has his last big feeding then we take him in to our room and lay him on the bed.  That's when he gets really excited since he knows what's coming!  While Alex gets his clothes and diaper off, I start the bath and get his bath seat ready.  Then I do the bath part.  He looooves it!  He is oh so smiley and giggly and just talks and squeals to his heart's content.  When he's done, Alex has the towel ready and he gets him all dried off and a fresh diaper put on.  Then I lotion Kam on up.  Thankfully he no longer screams during drying off and lotioning!  Then we take him back to his room to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  He used to not seem very into it, but the last week or so he's really started to pay attention!  He gets so excited when he sees the first page.  The first time he got so excited, Alex and I could not stop laughing because his face was hilarious!  I literally could not read anymore.  Kam saw and fed off of us so he started squealing and smiling.  It was one of my most favorite times with my little family thus far.  After the book I nurse him to top him off and so he can get drowsy.  Then I set him in his crib, stroke his hair for a bit, and he just drifts off to dreamland.  He's a dream, that baby.

As for us?  Alex and I are doing great.
We definitely have our moments where we feel overwhelmed with all of our responsibilities.  Usually when that happens, one of us is more up so we can help out and pick up the extra slack.
It's definitely a balancing game being parents that work and go to school, but we're figuring it all out.

There were some times, especially in that first 6 week's of Kam's life, when I didn't know if I could do this.
I honestly didn't understand why people would want more than one of these!
But I think I'm starting to get it.
Kamo is the joy of our home and just gets more and more fun each and every day.
I keep thinking he can't get any cuter, but he somehow magically does!
We sure do love our little man cub.
Happy 3 months, baby!


Ashley Kay said...

i need to see this little man SOOO badly. come visit !