Monday, May 20, 2013

Grow Old With You

The other day at work I witnessed something that really made me so happy.
The campus I work at is currently building us a new school house so in the mornings right now we take the girls to the local community gym for PE.
Every so often the PE teacher lets the girls pick what they want to do for the week.
Some of my girls wanted to go swimming so off we went to the pool area.
There's always a fair amount of old people doing water aerobics or just walking up and down the length of the pool.
One of the pools is right across from this giant jacuzzi.
Towards the beginning of PE I had watched an older couple enter the pool deck together.
The man had gotten out of the pool and headed to the jacuzzi sooner than his wife.
She was taking a breather and was right by the little bit of deck between the pool and jacuzzi with her back turned away from her husband.
I just watched as his eyes lit up that his wife was nearby and then watched how his brain thought of how to get her attention.
So what does any boy do?
Splash water of course!
So for about 3 mins I watched his frail, little arms attempt time and time again to splash water on her.
Sometimes he couldn't even get it out of the jacuzzi.
Sometimes he only got the water 3 inches out.
Every so often he would finally get her, but she didn't even notice.
So...he'd try again.  And again.  And again.
Until she finally noticed, turned around, gave him a little scolding look that immediately turned in to a smile.
He smiled back at her.
And then off she went doing her exercises while he just watched her.
They looked a little something like this (except imagine swimming gear and a pool instead of clothes and a hammock...but you get the gist):

At first I was just happy I was able to watch that interaction from afar.
But then it really got me to thinking (in between telling my girls floating is not exercising so get goin' on those laps) how grateful I am to have someone to grow old with like that couple.
I'm fairly certain Alex and I will have similar interactions in 50+ years.
We already do annoying cute things to get each other's attention.
If I ever stopped tickling him when he least expects it...he'd miss it.
If he ever stopped curling up in my lap like a cat...I'd miss it.
(You can imagine how awesome it is for a 6'3" tall man to curl up in my lap.  This baby bump has made it even more interesting.)

I sure do love this man of mine and can only hope and pray that the life Heavenly Father has planned for us involves wrinkly skin, white hair, and hands clasped with Mr. Foster.

And just because you've probably already been singing this it is for your viewing pleasure:


Lori said...

Beautiful...and perfect! I wish ALL of that for you!!!