Thursday, May 24, 2012


Alex and I got back from my Granddad's funeral about a week ago.
It was both incredibly awesome and really hard.
It was surreal walking in to my grandparent's home and not hearing my Granddad's big, booming, familiar voice resonating within the family room walls.
It was really great hearing the nice things people would say about Granddad: favorite memories, funny stories, things he was known for, etc.

Not that I was trying to be morbid or anything, but it got me thinking about what people would say about me at my funeral.
What would I, Kaycie Foster, be known for?
Would people cry?  Laugh?  Mourn?
Would I be someone that they would only have good things to say?
I'd like to think that people would be like that.
So then I tried to think about what I want to be remembered by.

*someone who lived the gospel.
*someone who was dedicated to being a quality wife and mother.
*someone who loved her family.
*someone who was passionate about life.
*someone who was fiercely loyal.
*someone who helped others.
*someone who was a true friend.
*someone who never forgot others.
*someone who loved singing and dancing.
*someone who was positive.
*someone who made others feel worth something.
*someone who did not judge others.
*someone who brought humor and light.
*someone who did not have enemies.
*someone who had class.
*someone others can go to for support.
*someone who followed the Spirit.
*someone who was hardworking.
*someone who had integrity and virtue.
*someone who valued her body and took care of it.
*someone who was a true disciple of Christ.

Yes...those are the things I want to be remembered for.
Those are the things I want people to think of when they hear my name.
I am currently striving to live this way.
It definitely is not always easy.  Some days, I feel like the only person who notices me is my sweet husband.  And though I love him very very much, it's tough to get down on yourself and feel like you're not contributing at all to the world around you.
So even if it's small, I hope that every day I can do something to make the world a better place. 

Here's to having a long life to continue working on this attributes...