Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The best.

I have the best husband.
You can argue if you feel necessary.
But know I will not change my opinion.
Alexander Michael Foster is the best.

Case in point:
On the rare occasion Alex has to get up before I do, he turns off his alarm and heads out to the living room.
I slowly start to drift off to slumberland again to the faint noises of SportsCenter and the shower.
When he comes in the room to get changed, he fixes the pillow and covers around me to make sure I'm most comfortable.
When he's ready to go, he kisses my cheek to quietly wake me.
I reach up and pull him close to my neck and tell him not to go.
Our conversation almost always goes like this:
A: I have to go, babe.
K: Nooo....
A: But I have to.
K: Nooo...
A: Why don't you want me to go?
K: Because you're my husband and I want to be with you.
A: But I have to go to (insert word here like "school" or "work).
K: Ohhh, ok.
A: I'll be back later.  I'll miss you.
K: I'll miss you too.

Then there's a varying amounts of kisses and "I love you's" depending on how quickly he needs to be out the door.
Then I hear him grab his keys, open the door, and close the door.
I usually drift back off to sleep for a little while longer.
However, this morning my phone made the noise it does when I receive a text message, not even 30 seconds after I heard our door close.
The screen lit up and said "Husband" on it.
I smiled and opened on up that text.
Sweet and simple it said: "I love you."

And that, my dear friends, is why I have the best husband.


Kjell Crowe said...

wow. talk about MUSHY!!!