Monday, April 2, 2012


So I don't think I brag about my husband enough and the band he is in.
It's called Jumbie.
Look it up on Facebook.  Do it.
They really are great.
The band consists of my hubby, my brother in law (Jack), and one of Alex's mission buddies (Jeremiah McKee).

The band started when McKee and Alex were up in Rexberg from January 2010-August 2010.  Their friend, Kyle, who lived up there played the drums so the 3 of them decided to get together and start creating music.  McKee wrote the lyrics/melody/chords and the other 2 would just come up with their parts.  It was a fun little band.  They would perform at FHE or just little random things, but mostly they did it for fun.

Then both McKee and Alex left Idaho.  McKee went home to Colorado for a bit and then to Salt Lake and Alex came to Provo to be with me while I finished up at BYU.  They did not "jam" for awhile.  After summer 2011, McKee moved up to Logan to go to Utah State, Alex and I moved to SLC, and Jack became a Freshman at the U so he joined us in the SLC.  And pretty soon...the band got back together except with Jack making up his own, newer beats to the songs.

They practice in Nana & Papa's basement and for a long time it was just for fun.  Then one day they decided to get some shows going and well...they did!  So from the beginning of February until the end of April they have lined up 9 or 10 shows!  It has been a blast going to see them.  I get my wife pride going on as I watch Alex having fun up there.  I always loved having a dad that could rock it out on his bass and I'm sure our children will love it too. :)

Jack is leaving on his mission at the end of the summer-ish so the band won't be going for awhile...but for the time being, it's been a lot of fun.  I'm so proud of Alex and I hope he never forgets!

Here are some of my favorite songs.  Sorry the sound quality is poor, but I think you can still tell that they're awesome. :)