Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Easter Day

I hope you had a Happy Easter!
I know I did.
I won't lie.  I think Easter is a little less exciting without children, but it still was an awesome day.

It started out for me pretty early because I took one of my girls to a Methodist church service.  That was fun.  And they gave us cupcakes.
Then I headed back on home to my husband who was so happy to find the Easter bunny had come! :)
We were also happy to catch a bit of "The Sound of Music" on ABCFamily.  SO elated it was during the "Doe a Deer" scene!
Sadly, I had to finish getting ready and I burned my hand in the process.  I now have a nice round burn on my thumb thanks to my curler.  At least my hair looked awesome today.
Then I had choir rehearsal because my choir sang TWO numbers for Sacrament Meeting and they were both a little shaky still.  Thankfully, I have a small, yet mighty choir.  I have a solid person for each part.  (Even if that means my tenor is a female.)  The choir sounded awesome and I am very pleased with how our Easter numbers went.

Treats in church are a must.
 When we got out of church, it was gorgeous outside!!  It was easily 70 degrees, sunny, and a slight breeze.  We decided prepping dinner could wait so we could spend some time out in the sun!
We grabbed our gloves and a baseball and we were out on the lawn.
Very conveniently, we can both play catch for hours on end.
 When my glove started to hurt my burn, we headed on inside so I could finish up dinner.
Now...making any sort of meal that is beyond the level of cereal or a sandwich, is difficult in my kitchen seeing as it is about the size of a toy kitchen you would purchase for your 4 year old.
But...we make it work around here.
Our bro, Jack, came on over and dinner was served while "The Prince of Egypt" was playing.
Caesar Salad, Ham, Potatoes, Corn, Rolls, and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.
While Alex and I were winding up the evening, we discovered a rerun of an Easter "Music and the Spoken Word" so we watched that and then caught the last half of "Cars."

And don't forget the incredible reason for this holiday.
I am so grateful that Christ loves each of us so much, that He rose from the tomb that first Easter morning.  Because of that event, I am able to have life after death and become a perfected, resurrected being.  There is no greater love than that.  I love my Savior and am forever indebted to Him.
Happy Easter, Y'all!


His Little Lady said...

ohh, that easter meal looks scrumptious! and what a great video to share on this past holiday :)
xo TJ