Thursday, September 15, 2011


-an Asian couple lived here before us. and apparently she loves catalogs. cause we get them now. at least she got good magazines because i really enjoy getting one every day. HELLO Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters!

-speaking of Urban Outfitters, did you know they have a warehouse in Trenton, SC? (bet you didn't.)

-also...I want a chair from Urban Outfitters. it's called Madeline. how awesome. too bad it's $350. see ya next time, Madeline.

-we recycle now since we have a recycling bin. i kinda love it.

-i made delicious chicken tacos last night. alex ate 4...mission accomplished.

-i never thought i would love the idea of getting tupperware and kitchen utensils. but i do. that means i grew up at some point...BLAH. when did that happen?

-i bought enough flour and sugar to last us probably 2 years. yay case lot sale at Smith's.

-i still love my living room rug.

-kris, alex, and i skyped with karly and laela yesterday. it was glorious. i miss that AZ duo.

-i am going to use my kitchen aid for the first time as soon as i am done with this post. i am going to make cookies. yay case lot sale at Smith's...again.

-i miss provo. (but don't tell alex cause he feels bad that he took me away from there. but he reads this you :)

-i still love new haven and all those lost teenage girls. bless them.

-putting together our apartment is taking WAY more time than i ever anticipated.

-santa barbara reception in less than a month! WOOT.

-we went on a date last friday to rascal flatts. we ate nachos, went in the free photo booth, and danced our little country souls out. ( so more than him...but he still loved gary, jay, and joe don.)

-i've made our bed way more times being married than i ever did in my single life.

-i wish gas weren't so blasted expensive.

-krista's coming to my adult hip hop class and i'm way happy about that.

-and lastly: i had a dream last night that John Mayer came to perform at our Stake activity. yeah ok...cause that would happen. anywho, Johnny boy agreed to come to a room and do a private performance for Alex and me. don't know how that happened either. BUT John played "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" and my man and I slow danced. um....nothing more romantic than that. if only it had been real...

-happy thursday!


Brooke Elyse said...

I was at Rascal Flatts too!
AMAZING concert huh? Love them... love country.
wish i could come to your adult hip hop class- sounds ballin