Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elder Anderson

I'm having a proud Mama Bear moment.
Mr. Ryan Anderson is entering the MTC tomorrow and after learning his language will head to the Philippines, where he is going to tear it up!
Ryan was in my first EVER company at EFY! Way back in 07, he was one of my boys. I can still remember the first time meeting him. He had so much energy for life and the gospel and I just knew we were going to be the best of friends. And we did become that. That week he would always fight over getting to escort me. He wanted to go to classes with me, dance with me, sit by me, etc. He even threw rocks at my window on Saturday morning until I woke up to come out and hang with him until his ride got there. Seriously...that kid made my week and now has made such an impression on me these last 4 years that I will cherish him always.

efy 2007

efy 2008
still inseparable at free time.

efy 2009
even as a BC, he made me feel like I was his counselor.

gateway mall 2010

Ryan is just one of those kids that has a tender spot in my heart. I can only hope I have a son just like him. He always lifts up my spirits and I know he does that for a lot of people. I couldn't help but tear up as I watched him give his farewell talk on Sunday. He was so strong in the gospel in 07, but it's amazing to see how much he's grown. I know he'll do awesome in the field! He knows where his priorities lay...and that's with Heavenly Father. And THAT'S why I know he's going to be the best missionary.

Love you, Ryan! See ya in 2! Make me proud and return with honor!



Lori said...

I have always loved this kid, even tho we don't know each other. Everytime I saw a pic of you 2 at EFY, it made me smile. So grateful you have such a special bond...that will last forever! I wish him all the best; I know he will be a wonderful missionary. (Kaycie, you were a wonderful missionary too!)