Saturday, July 30, 2011

When I say "Raw" you say "Chester"

So this one time I flew to New York.
Rochester in fact.
I flew out of Jacksonville at 5:45 this morning (after getting 4.5 hours of sleep) and after a layover in D.C. landed myself in NY at 9:30 a.m.
After finding out the shuttle to Palmyra is $75 I thought to myself, "There must be another way."
So I contacted the EFY team up here. They were still in MA at their last session.
So what am I doing, you ask?
I am waiting here until Ash & Liz arrive from Atlanta at 11:30 p.m. when the EFY team will pick us all up and take us to the Palmyra Inn. add that up.
9:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

I have found myself a quaint spot by baggage claim. I have big windows to look out of, a rocking chair, a short couch, a Pretzel Maker & a TCBY. I finally gave in to hunger and after purchasing $8 worth of crap food decided the airport will take my money no more today and I will live with the hunger that will most likely consume me around 8 p.m.

Good thing I have a lot to occupy my time with.
I've done lots of things for the wedding. (YAY checking things off my to-do list!)
And I've made a lot of headway in The Hunger Games. (LOVE it.)
And of course I've chatted it up with friends and the love of my life. (His name's Alex in case you were wondering...)
And this is me:

8 hours down...7 to go! WOOT!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just what I needed.

Well, here I am.
I have a quiet moment.
And I decided I wanted to use that quiet moment to blog since I have not done so in quite some time.
I can hear the girls next door singing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" in the next room over as they prepare for their nightly counselor devotional.
It's heavenly.

Just a little update:
EFY is amazzzzing as always! I am continuously in awe of the youth. Sometimes in awe of their lack in maturity (jk), but mostly in awe of how incredible they are. The Lord really has been keeping his strongest spirits for this time and I have no doubt they will just keep getting stronger.
Having Alex at EFY has also been amazing. His youth love him every week and he loves them too. Our new session director asked us to write down the thing we love most about being an LDS young single adult in 2011. Alex wrote down: being an EFY counselor. Cute, huh? Of course the kids think it's adorable when we dance together or hold hands or what not. I feel almost like a celebrity couple. Angelina and Brad got nothin' on us!

Every week has been different from the other and they have all taught me something different.
I will go in depth a little bit more into each one as to why they were so special when I have more time, but let's just say I am very sad it's our last week in the south! However, Kentucky has already been so great in the 2 days we've been here!

For example...tender mercy today:
Flip back the pages to GA EFY very first week as a counselor.
I was 20 years old and pumped/scared spitless to be a counselor. The Sunday before EFY began, Kate & I were in the cafeteria eating breakfast and no one else was in there. In walked our session director for the week...Brother Hadley. He sat down and talked to us in the most genuine way. He wanted to know everything about us. Where we were from, how we knew each other, where we went to school, what growing up in the south was like, and on and on and on. We sat at that table for probably 2 hours talking with him. He loved him instantly.

The next day EFY began and I was having a pretty great first day. Then, as always, we had our counselor devotional. The topic for monday nights was "The Challenge to Become." I had my devo all set up, girls all around me, scriptures and pens ready when I heard a knock knock knock at my door. "Who would that be?" I thought. I knew I wasn't getting observed by a BC that night so I didn't know who it could've been. So I get up, open the door, and there stands Brother Hadley! With a smile on his face he asks, "Can I join you for devotional tonight?" What am I going to say? "No?" Obviously I can't so I sheepishly say, "Yeah, sure! Come on in!" He thanked me and took a seat in the corner. So now, not only am I teaching my first EVER devotional as a counselor, but the session director is in there now. I was praying SO hard that I would have a good devotional.

Well...I thought it went alright, but I did not remember too much because I was so nervous. After I bore my testimony Brother Hadley asked if he could speak. Of course I said yes so he proceeded to turn to the New Testament. Then he started talking about the woman at the well and the type of woman she was. After he painted this amazing picture about who she was, he turned around and told my girls that their counselor was a woman at the well. Um, excuse me...ME? Is he fo real?! He was fo real and told them to be thankful for having me as a counselor. After I thanked him for coming that night and getting my girls off to bed I was so overwhelmed with love for EFY and Brother Hadley. GA 2007 was an awesome week and Brother Hadley was great!

Finished my sessions 2007, counselor again in 2008, BC in 2009 and on comes 2010 with my first year coordinating. We had a coordinator/session director training for 2 days up at the UofU Institute Building. I was so busy I hadn't thought much about it, but as everyone started piling in I saw Brother Hadley and his wife! I about hit the floor! I ran over to say hi! They knew me almost instantly and were just as excited as I was! It was awesome spending those 2 days with them and just feeling their spirit.

Then today, Kentucky 2011, check in has begun and Ammon and I are at the solutions table (our least favorite place all week) waiting for people to come complain or walk on when I see a familiar face...Brother Hadley!!! Then it dawned on me, "Duh...they live in Tennessee!" I looked up and called his name. He saw me and with zero hesitation said happily, "Hey Kayc!" That right there made coming to Kentucky all worth it! His wife was there too! They were bringing their oldest to EFY. We talked for good while. They of course wanted to meet Alex, which they did, and were so happy for us! As Brother Hadley was shaking Alex's hand he said, "I hope you know you're one of the luckiest guys in the world."

It's amazing how the Lord orchestrates our paths with others so that we can have reunions like that. I will be very grateful in my prayers tonight.

Anyways, my quiet moment is running out...time for another meeting.
But I did rummage up this picture from 2007 of Brother Hadley and I.
I am so baby!
And for your viewing pleasure...GA 2 Games Night 2011!

Until next time, my friends...
Go make someone feel good about themselves.
I promise you they will remember how you made them feel for years to come.