Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Heart Will Go On!

Ok. So Celine Dion was epic.
She is the most amazing thing ever.
I knew going into it that I was going to be blown away, but she still surpassed my a TON!
When we sat in our seats I was SO heart was racing.
Then when the lights dropped and a video of her came on, I could not stop smiling.
And then when the video was over, the curtain parted, and there she was.
Celine DION.
Right there in front of me.
My dream of seeing her since I was in the 4th grade (the first time I remember hearing her) was coming true!
Gorgeous as ever she opened with this.

That video does not even do it justice.
Her voice was flawless and her singing just filled the theater and I'm pretty sure everyone's soul who was there.
She did a bunch of her classics, some covers, and some not as famous songs.
She sang a song in French and she was so into it she had tears rolling down her cheeks.
Ah...I'm still getting chills just thinking about it.
Ash and I kept grabbing each other's hands or legs whenever she blew us away...which was constantly.
I'm pretty sure I had chills at least every 30 seconds.
Also during her fast numbers I'm pretty sure she looked right up at Ash & me dancing because no one else around us was.
Pretty sure.
She is just so classy. So genuine. So gorgeous. So cute. So funny. So talented.
A voice like that is a gift from God.
Celine is one of those people that I'm grateful is famous, because she is a class act lady.
She does good around the world.
She loves her children more than anything and she is loyal to her husband (even if he is a billion years older.)
That night is Vegas will be forever ingrained into my life.
I am so grateful I had the opportunity to see her and check that off my bucket list.
This is the only other video I could find of her current show.
Yeah...she did MJ.
Well...I'll stop now, but seriously...
Celine has changed me.
Don't worry...
When I'm in the car she's on my iPod and when I'm at home she's on Pandora.
Celine 24/7 is the name of the game currently in my life.

Dear Celine,
Thank you for singing to me last night.
Let's be friends.
I'll just come live with you, k?
Love, Kaycie