Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Friends.

Sometimes I get a little nostalgic.
Lately is one of those times.
I miss being a teenager and running wild with these 2 companions by my side.
Ms. Brittany and Ms. Katie Claire.

We all began to know each other about 12 years ago.
That's half of my life.
And through thick and thin, we've stayed friends.
The best of friends, in fact.

We've had our ups and downs, struggles, and challenges.
But just like any other good, lasting, healthy relationship...they filter away to nothing and become an insignificant thing of the past.
Because to out weigh those ups and downs, we have a whole lotta laughter, inside jokes, and the funniest memories.
Memories I hold dear to my heart and think upon with the most fondness.

Only Britt knows what you really should do with Peeps. (no, not eat them.)
Only Kate knows how to properly say, "I love you."
And only the 3 of us know how to really make a church dance the best time of your life.
(Just ask any of our church leaders, who also penned us with the nickname, "3 Musketeers.")

We understand each other.
We've seen each other go through heartbreaks, triumphs, more heartbreaks, milestones, and finally marriages.
Kate & Britt have beat me in that department, but I am following right behind.
(As y'all may know.)
And you know what?
I don't know if many more people were as excited as these dear sisters of mine when I told them of the engagement.

I know growing up is a part of life, but with it comes some sacrifice.
One of those sacrifices being not having the chance to be with these hot mamas every spare minute we could find.
We were pretty much attached to each other, especially in high school.
These ladies have seriously helped mold me into who I am today and I couldn't be more grateful.
So here's to sliding down the Woodbury stairs, many a trip to Wal-Mart at 2am, EFYs, Homestar Runner, hot dogs, Girl's Camps, road tripping to Atlanta, clutching each other for dear life and bawling at testimony meetings, Taco Bell, and Backstreet Boys love songs.
I love y'all with all my heart.


kate said...

you made me get all teary eyed you little brat. :] i love you. i miss those days. if you ever find a way to go back, take me with you.

Lori said...

sweet memories for your mamas too! love y'all! xo mama maurer