Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The day I became an Aunt!

Ok so yesterday, Jan. 11th, was a special day.
Not only was it my Grandma's Birthday, (if you're reading this, I love you Grandma) but it was also the day a certain little person grabbed my heart.
My sister, Karly, went into labor on Monday and the big event kept on going through Tuesday until 8:10pm arrived and a beautiful baby girl was brought into the world.
I was at New Haven when she was born. The girls were all so into it because I kept announcing the updates my mama would text me!
The girls were all so cute and so excited as well!
When she arrived I jumped up and down as soon as I laid my eyes on the picture text!
The girls all wanted to see her and I proudly showed everyone!
8 pounds, 11 ounces, 20 1/2 inches.
Meet Laela Carolina Barksdale:
(said "Layla")
I don't think there ever was a more gorgeous baby.
I normally think newborns look like wrinkly old men and do not think they are cute until about 2 weeks old.
However, not this little one. She is the most pretty baby.
Those baby rolls give me the squeezies and I just want to pinch her.
And that face....ugh! Already has me mesmerized!
I canNOT wait for next week to come so Krista and I can go down to AZ for her baby blessing.
I just want to sit there for hours rocking and smooching those cheeks (both face and bum.)

I lost it when Mama sent me this picture:
My dear sister is a Mama! So weird, but so great.
Kar is going to be such a great, fun mom and I can't wait to watch her with Laela.
Karly only deserves the best and I hope Laela is a good baby for her.
Having a baby in the family is something we have not had for a LONG time.
Well...since I was born almost 24 years ago!
It is going to be so fresh and new and exciting!
I hope Kar pops out another one soon! I could get used to this baby thing! :)
Ok Ok...I guess she can rest for a little bit of time.
Until then I am going to love Ms. Laela like nobody's business.

I know you do not know me yet, but you have already wrapped me around your finger.
I promise to be the best aunt I can be.
I am going to kiss you over and over again and I won't even mind changing your stinky bomb diapers.
In a few years I will play dress up all the day long and since your Uncle Alex has diabetes I will always have candy in my purse. ( know where to go.)
You are always welcome for sleepovers and I will take you as long as your Mama lets me!
Once you become a teenager I hope you talk to me about your triumphs and struggles.
I am so excited to be a part of your life and help you in any way I can.
Listen to your parents, grandparents, and Aunt Krista...they all love you so much.
Follow the prophet and the promptings of the Spirit.
Rely on the Lord and put your faith in Him.
I love you SO much, little Laela...I really do.
I'll be seeing you soon...
Love, Aunt Kayc


Kjell Crowe said...

tearing up!!!

How wonderful!!!

Welcome Laela!