Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 5 Things!

So if you're close to me you will know that life wasn't the easiest from about half way through 2008 to now. I've definitely been struggling. As I sat on the dock today while working for my daddy I was thinking about things that can make me happy. And obviously things popped in my head like family and friends, but I tried to think of other things that are sure fire to make me happy that people might not know. So I love you friends and family...but here are the top 5 things that will always put me in a good mood!

1. Chocolate Milk - Wow. What a divine drink. Could there be anything more amazing than milk mixed with chocolately goodness? I think not. As a Freshman I would drink a bottle of BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk every day. Seriously. I would go through withdrawls if I didn't have some. (Brittany Balleck can testify.) That's probably why I gained 10 lbs that year. I have put a limit on 3 times a week now. And you better believe I get all 3 of those times in. I thank God everyday for putting chocolate milk on this earth.

2. My 4Runner, Neil - He's cute, tan, and a 1994 model. I knew it was love the moment I saw him. My daddy came out to Utah to get me a car and when we went out to the lots, I knew Neil was the one. We test drove smaller cars, biggers cars, newer cars, older cars...but this 4Runner stuck in my mind. It's kinda been a dream of mine to have a 4Runner since I was like 12. I told daddy and he said ok. We had a few bumps in the beginning, but since then Neil has been a dream. I named him Neil after my favorite SYTYCD dancer on season 3. And I sure told the real Neil that when I met him after the concert in 2007. Neil is my babe though. One of my favorite things to do is roll all the windows down, open the sun roof, blast the music, and drive. It always makes me feel better after a long day.

3. Nike kicks - Oh Nikes...what a great brand of shoe. I love shoes as it is, but being a hip hop dancer, I really really really love Nikes. If they weren't so expensive I would buy a new pair every week. Someday...ahh. Sometimes I'll look in magazines or online just to look at all the cool designs. You'd think they'd run out of ideas, but nope. They just keep on comin.

4. Atlanta Braves - I'd say my love for this team is close to an obsession. haha. I remember going to games with my family as a little girl. My daddy played little league growing up and it's one of the sports he really does enjoy. If we ever went to a sporting event it was usually baseball...whether it was a high school team, a local college, the minor league team in Savannah, or the Braves. I remember very distinctly watching the 1995 World Series in a hotel room. I can't remember why we were at a hotel come to think of it...but I remember watching the Braves win the last game and them all running into the center of the field to celebrate. My love for the Braves grew stronger once I came to college. I think I had more time to follow them and I had lots of close friends who liked them as well. One of the reasons I first started dating my ex was because he played baseball...haha. The Braves didn't do too well last season, but I'm pretty hopeful for this season. They're doin super good so far! My absolute favorite player right now is the shortstop, #19 Yunel Escobar. I of course love Chipper Jones. I am also a fan of Derek Lowe, Jair Jurrjens, Brian McCann, and Jeff Francoeur. Then there are of course the legends like Hank Aaron, Dale Murphey, David Justice, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz. Oh I love these guys. My favorite part of summer is going to the games with my friends...esp Ashley Kay. :)

5. Reba - Lastly, I would like to express my love about "Reba." If you have not seen this tv show you are missing out on some of the best tv around. It will make you laugh, cry, and laugh again. There are 6 seasons. I have seen all the episodes from 1-5, but not all of 6...mostly because it's not on DVD yet and I can't always watch it the times it's on tv. I started watching it almost 2 years ago with my sister, Karly, and best friend, Ciri. Ciri and I literally planned our days around being home at 4 to watch an hour of it on Lifetime. Then do stuff for an hour until it came back on again at 6. This show is a great bonding tool. If you talk about Reba with someone you are instant friends. You can talk about how funny Van is, how cynical Kyra is, how Brock always gets the brunt of things, how beautiful Cheyenne is, how crazy (but hysterical) Barbra Jean is, how funny Jake can be, and how amazingly talented Reba is. It's a great show that I will watch for the rest of my life with my family. It never gets old. Reba is sure to always put me in a good mood! I love it! (P.S. My favorite episode is from season 3 when Barbra Jean tries to teach Cheyenne to cook and when Reba and Brock are in Jake's fundraiser race for school. You will laugh your heart out.)


Kell said...

Dear Kayc face:
I love your blingin' blog! :)
Now you just have to update it every now and then... haha jokes!
Love ya lady!
Me. McKell Forbes. Kell. That one girl with slightly red hair and freckles that you haven't seen in like, a long time. Remember? Cuz that's me.