Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Mama...

Since it was mother's day yesterday I decided I should do a tribute to my own wonderful mother.

Lorilee Ann Quilhot Maurer is one of the most amazing women I know. I think one of her best qualities is that she can love others so unconditionally. If someone treats her wrong she is quick to forgive and love them even still. As one of her own children I have learned this principle. My mama will love me no matter what. She loves her children and husband so much. Yep...this woman loves a lot. Sometimes my sisters and I get a little overwhelemed with how much love she shows, but deep down I think we like it. I would at least rather have a mother who wants to tell me how much she loves me 50 times a day instead of one that rarely does. I'm lucky to have such a loving mother...even with her smothering hugs and kisses.

Another great quality my mama has is her ability to have fun in any situation. Put this woman anywhere and she will make it the life of the party! She has no qualm to make a fool of herself. I remember all through high school she would sing Britney Spears or Nsync in the grocery store SO LOUD. And not just opera style. There's nothing like hearing "Bye, Bye, Bye" really loud like a lady with horns on her head singing in the Grand Ole Opry. I would run and hide every time. And yet, she kept doing it. Or how about whenever she picks us up at the airport? Those are always a fun time. There is always a party waiting for us at baggage claim. There will be balloons, signs, 50 people she's brought with her to welcome us home, or just her jumping up and down and goin crazy cause she's so excited we're back. I think my personal favorite was this past Christmas. Here I come up the ramp and there are my reindeer antlers singing. Normally I would be SO embarassed and keep on walking past them pretending I don't belong to them. but no...I've learned something over the past 4 years. Life is too short to be embarassed. What's wrong with having a little fun? So instead I put on the antlers my ma brought for me as well and was just grateful I had such studs for parents.

My mama is also a rockstar. Seriously...this woman is amazing. She has the best voice in the world...hands down. Put her against anybody and she can beat out their pipes. She might embarass them even cause she's so good. :) She was a music major at Florida State University, which is where she met my daddy. They were in the jazz band together. He was the electric bass guitarist and she was the featured soloist. From there they got married and had plans to go to New York. They could've totally made it. However, the Lord had a different plan. She got pregnant with my oldest sister, Krista, and decided that raising a family and being the best mother she could possibly be was more important and more fulfilling. So 30 years we all are. I think she did a pretty good job with us 3 girls. She still finds time to let the rockstar in her out. She's had many leads at the professional and ameteur theaters here on the island, including Grizzabella in "Cats" and Mrs. Potts in "Beauty and the Beast." People that have been to New York, London, or Sydney said my mama played those parts better than the ladies in those other places. yep...she's that amazing.

Lastly, my ma is a great mother. She's an example to me of charity, service, and everything God would want of one of his creations. She's great. There's nothing else to say but that. Lori Maurer is fabulous. I know she gets the brunt of it sometimes, but hopefully she always knows we love her and appreciate everything she's done for us over the years. I love you mama! Happy Mother's Day!


Lori said...

Kaycie, you such a gift from littlest angel...I love you more than air! I'm so grateful Heavenly Father sent me such a valiant, sweet, talented, strong, incredible daughter who teaches me new things every day! Love you! Mama

Lori said...

I read this post again today. I needed a lift and a reminder. And now, yep, I'm ready to face another day cuz I know I have you in my corner! I am so blessed! I love you and am so grateful for you! Thank you for saying all of the wonderful things you said that I feel so undeserving of but am so grateful you said! Love, Mama xo