Saturday, February 14, 2015

18 months!

I seriously cannot believe my baby is now closer to 2 than 1.
Time flies so stinkin' fast.
And my sweet boy is so stinkin' cute.

Still growing like a champ.
Just about 30 lbs and around 33-33.5 inches long.  (He had a hard time standing still to really get a super accurate measurement.)
He had his last shot until age 4, which was nice!
*side note: we went to the pediatrician's office yesterday to get a rash checked out.  His 18 month well check was 10 days before.  When they called his name to come back, he started running for the front door and said "no!" hahaha!  He thought another shot was coming.

Things he loves to do: read read read!  He's quite the bookworm.  Do "look and find" books.  Build towers.  Shoot basketballs in the hoop.  Naming parts of the body on us.  Being outside.  Finding airplanes and helicopters.  Going on walks.  Opening/Closing the doors.  Putting the keys in the door.  Helping with the laundry.  Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Cars, and The Lion King.

His favorite foods: cucumbers, bananas, broccoli, bread, crackers, veggie stick chips, apples, pears, cookies, m&ms, string cheese, pasta, peas, and meat.
He also LOVES drinking water.
We can't go anywhere without his big boy water bottle.
It's nice he loves water...but he does wake up with 10 lb diapers.

He's starting to talk a lot more, which has been so fun!
We counted the other day and he says over 60 words on an almost daily basis.
It definitely helps me know what he wants.
A few of my favorite words he says: "hep!" (help), "cupacup" (cucumber), "ahpane" (airplane), "pees" (please), and "dor-A" (door)...he makes "door" a 2 syllable word.  He sounds like he's from Boston.  It's awesome.
I also love when he knocks his block tower over and yells "oh no!" :)

Besides speaking, he understands SO much.
I'm amazed every day at how much he's comprehending and responding.
He's so smart.

Like I mentioned above, he loves to help out with the laundry.
I hand him the clothes from the washer so he can put them in the dryer.
Then he likes to help me "fold."
He would see me whipping the clothes to get all the folds/wrinkles out so now he grabs the clothes and flings them around.
It's so funny.
Since he started messing up all my piles, I've now figured out how to distract him from that.
I just ask him to find all the socks.
He thinks it's the greatest thing ever!
He puts them all in a big pile.  Once he's found them he throws them all over to do it again.
Then once I'm all done I have him put the socks in the drawer.
He's quite the helper. :)

Things he hates: getting his diaper changed, having to come inside, getting dressed, having his face wiped, brushing his teeth, getting out of the bath tub, and did I mention getting his diaper changed?  It's like a wrestling match each time.  As if changing a diaper isn't awful enough...let's add a screaming, flailing, arching, kicking toddler.  Blah.
The one funny thing about it is he yells for the other parent, as if they'll come save him.
So if I'm changing him he yells "DaDa!"
And if Alex is changing him he yells "Mommy!"

Kameron is just the best, little cub.
He's at a challenging age and sometimes I would love to have him just lie in my arms like baby again, but he's so fun!
I can't believe how fast he's growing up and I love seeing his personality shine through more and more.
He's such a sweetheart and I'm so honored to be his mama.