Monday, August 18, 2014

Living in the land of the sun...hotter than you know where...

Hello all!
It's been awhile.
But I blame that on packing (again), prepping a 3rd anniversary video, unloading all our stuff, and now attempting to create my home.
Which with a 1 year old is not easy!

So, like I said...we moved.
In our 3 years of marriage we have moved 5 times.
Yes, you read that right...FIVE.
1) Our initial move in to our first ever apartment at the UofU Family Housing.
2) Alex's grandparent's basement in SLC.
3) Move out of Utah to California.
4) My in laws sold that house so we moved to their new house.
5) And here we are....Arizona.
Let's just say I am over the whole boxes, paper, and tape routine.
Goodyear, AZ better pan out for awhile because the thought of doing this in the near future makes me want to cry.

Alex moved down to our little house about a month ago to start job training.
I stayed in CA until last week.
So my mother in law, dog uncle, Kameron, and I set out to join him...

Here we are in Banning, CA for a pit stop.

Kameron did so well!
He really is a trooper.
He could have cried a lot of the way, but he just got a little whiny on the home stretch.
Which I'd be too if I couldn't see anywhere around my car seat and was bored with the same dang toys.
But we finally arrived in Arizona!

And it's hot.'s hot.
Yesterday when we got in the car after church I seriously felt like I had just jumped in with the rotisserie chickens at the grocery store.
Poor Kameron faces backwards so the AC gets him WAY later than he would like.
By the time we got home the kid's face was as red as a tomato and had sweat dripping down his face.
I think a car fan is our next purchase.

But besides it being an oven, AZ is pretty good so far.
Granted I don't leave my house much....
Unpacking takes about 3-4 times as long when you have a toddler.
He either wants to help, takes things out of something when I want it in, puts things in something when I want them out, pulling things out of cupboards, getting into drawers, attempting to open the toilet, trying out this climbing business, standing on his car (that has wheels), or throwing a fit because I say no to going outside in the 104 degree weather.

But then there's moments where he toddles on over (because he's walking now!), claws at my legs for me to pick him up, and gives me a big hug.
And that makes up for everything I said above.

Kameron's digging this refrigerator set up.
My in laws have their freezer on the bottom, so he's never been able to get in the fridge.
He just helps himself to whatever he can.
This morning he ate an entire strawberry.
Leaves and all.
I just laughed.

So we are settling in!
We've already had 2 family dinners with both sets of sister's families.
The Target, Costco, and Home Goods are close.
There's a Cracker Barrel down the road.
And our neighborhood has a big pool, kiddie pool, and baby swings.
If you want to see where we are living go to
I'll post pics of our place when it doesn't look like a bomb went off.
I was feeling pretty overwhelmed til last night when Alex said, "It's coming together, babe.  Our home is coming together."
Ok...if he notices...then it must be getting there.

We miss the beach, 75 degree weather, our dog vacuum, and extra grandparent help...but overall it's been fun being our own family unit and getting into our own swing.
Wish me well!  I have a goal to have everything done by this weekend!


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