Saturday, August 17, 2013

The first 2 weeks.

Since this is slightly my journal too...this blog will involve a lot of Kameron from here on out.  But that's ok...he's cute. :)

In some ways time went by slow, but then when I look back I can't believe it's already been 2 and a half weeks since I birthed this little man.
Some times I really can't believe he is now forever a part of our lives and I'm so grateful for that.

I won't lie.  Being the mother of a newborn is hard.
Really hard.
(I'm sure all you mothers out there are like, "try being the mother of more than one child!) my defense this is my first.
And newborns are a lot more work than they look.
There's always something he needs.
And when he's taking a nap I just want to sleep as well.
Hence not much else getting accomplished.
I think Heavenly Father makes newborns so dependent so we learn how to 100% serve someone else.
The only thing I really do for myself these days is shower.
And even showering is WAY faster than it used to be.
Service is a quality we have to learn and he is definitely helping me develop that quality.

I really am just trying to enjoy every moment right now!
Everyone says this time goes by so quickly and that you'll actually miss them being this tiny.
I'm already feeling that!
He already isn't looking "as newborn" and that makes me a little sad.

So whenever I start to feel a little sleep deprived or miss my life of being out and about, I just look at his  tiny features.
I can't get enough of his pouty mouth, his little feet, or his squishy cheeks.
And every other part of him...
Once I look at those things it seems to put everything back in to perspective for me.

So here is what I've learned in the last few weeks:
*It's ok to slow down for awhile.
*It's ok to not do anything in a day besides soak every bit of Kameron in that I can.
*It IS possible to be more tired than I was during pregnancy.
*I somehow can function with that little sleep.
*Even though I'm exhausted I hear the tiniest noise Kam makes.
*Relationships are super important to me. (I already knew this, but now that I'm slightly house bound it's more apparent than ever.)
*Going on a walk every day is very important to maintaining my mental health.
*Even though I know I pushed him out of my body, I still can't believe he's mine.

Things I've learned about Kameron in the last few weeks:
*He eats A LOT. (And that was apparent at his check up when he weighed well over what they wanted him to be at.)
*He isn't a fan of being swaddled.  But we do it anyway during the night so he won't wake himself up with his flailing arms.
*He wants to be held constantly.
*He loves being outside...but gets the most sour face when the sun hits him directly.
*He hates getting his hair washed.
*If he looks like his brain is about to explode, he's trying mightily to fill his diaper.
*He loves being with daddy before bed.

And lastly...I've learned that he is the sweetest, cutest baby.
And I wouldn't trade him for the world.
I love my baby Kam Kam.

(this is when I was eating lunch with him all cuddled up next to me.  I dropped a carrot on his face.  Oops...sorry. :)